Official launch of the new Falken AZENIS FK510 tyre by top management of Stamford Tyres and Sumitomo Rubber Asia.

Stamford Tyres, the distributor of Falken tyres in Malaysia and Singapore (as well as markets in the Asia-Pacific, India and South Africa regions), tonight officially launched the new flagship tyre of the Japanese brand – the Falken AZENIS FK510. Essentially a successor to the Falken AZENIS FK453, the new FK510 is a major improvement which offers motorists a new choice in the Ultra High Performance (UHP) tyre segment.

The new Falken tyre comes to the Malaysian market with strong credentials, having been highly ratedby independent testers. In fact, two authoritative German publications – Autozeitung and Auto Bild – gave the FK510 ‘Highly Recommended’ and ‘Exemplary’ ratings, respectively. In fact, the highly respected Auto Zeitung even stated that ‘in the wet, Falken, Michelin and Continental drive in a league of their own’.

Another popular German motoring magazine, ACE Lenkrad, reported that the Volkswagen Passat fitted with the FK510 delivered the fastest time against 10 competitors around a dry handling course, a wet braking distance of less than 41 metres, extremely low drive-by noise and low rolling resistance.

The FK510, being part of the Falken AZENIS range of Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI), has been developed for the needs of owners of luxury models, especially sportscars. It benefits not only from the decades-long experience in tyres that SRI has but also from the lessons learnt in 30 years of participating in motorsports. For the past few years, a Falken team has been racing in endurance events, including the 24 Hours of Nurburgring.

Key to the development of the new tyre has been the Advanced 4D NANO design process that has revolutionised Falken’s approach and enabled its tyres to now challenge the performance of the premium brands. Developed by SRI, which is the world’s sixth largest tyre manufacturer, Advanced 4D NANO Design technology enables engineers to perform accurate predictions of rubber material properties for simultaneous improvements across all three of the major contradictory performance traits: grip, fuel efficiency and wear resistance.

Another major contributor is the NEO-T01 manufacturing technology which SRI developed exclusively for its UHP tyres. This technology enables the tyres to achieve an extremely high degree of circularity which greatly improves their stability at high speeds. It uses a computerized control system to control the tyre formation process with great precision, accurate to .01 mm. The ability to form tyres precisely using the optimal amount of materials allows for significant reduction in overall tyre weight compared to conventional production methods.

According to Cham Soon Kian, CEO of Stamford Tyres (M) Sdn Bhd, the new tyre was on sale a few months prior to the official launch. “We distributed an initial batch of FK510 tyres to our dealers and customers who bought them said they were impressed by the performance,” he said.

“So we are confident that this new tyre will gain acceptance and help to boost the brand image of Falken among Malaysian motorists,” Mr. Cham added.

He acknowledged that the Falken brand still has not achieved the same brand strength as the ‘big boys’. Nevertheless, Stamford Tyres, which has had an association with the Falken brand for the past 43 years, has been working hard at brand-building. “Now that we can offer this new tyre, we feel that we can raise the image of the Falken brand. It offers all the high-performance characteristics which I believe are comparable to UHP tyres of other brands and the pricing from RM400 is also attractive and I am sure motorists will find it excellent value for their money,” he said.

Cham Soon Kian, CEO of Stamford Tyres (Malaysia) with Satoru Ushida (right), MD of Sumitomo Rubber Tyre Pte Limited, with the new flagship Falken tyre.

There are up to 88 sizes for the FK510, for rim diameters from 17 inches to 22 inches. Mr. Cham said that while the more popular sizes will be stocked and readily available, it will also be possible for customers who require other sizes to get them on special order. All the Falken tyres distributed by Stamford Tyres originate from SRI’s factories in Japan.

He added that in early 2019, the company will also import the SUV version of the FK510 for the high-performance premium SUVs which are increasing in number in Malaysia. There’s also a RunFlat version but it has not been decided whether this will be offered.


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