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pair of jumper

Always best to pick a pair and keep them in your car at all time, because you’ll never know when exactly the battery gives up the ghost. Jumper cables are available in most petrol stations kiosks.

Booster car

Park both cars as close as possible but not touching and make sure both cars are not running. Better yet if the booster car has a bigger battery.

Red positive

Find the positive terminal of the receiving and booster cars’ batteries which are usually indicated with the red “+” and negative with the black “–” terminals.

Clamp the red jumper cable to positive terminal and the black to negative terminal of the booster car’s battery.

For the battery in the receiving car, clamp the black cable to a bare metal surface, which can be a bolt or screw. This provides ground for the jump. Refer to your owners’ manual if unsure.

Start the booster car

Start the booster car and let it idle for a few minutes.

Receiving car

Start the dead car and let it idle for a few minutes

Remove jumper

Remove the black clamp from the receiving battery first, then disconnect from the booster battery. It’s opposite for the red; remove the red clamp from the booster battery first, and then disconnect from the receiving battery.

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