JPJ Number Plate: Skip the Bidding and Buy Online Now!

As the Department of Transportation (JPJ) is the official and only body in Malaysia that is allowed to give out number plates, many are buying popular and golden number plate for high values. However, only few know they can buy JPJ number plate without breaking their bank account.

Car registration number, also known as number plate in Malaysia, consists of alphabets representing the states in Malaysia, followed by the vehicle number.

For example, Kuching state number plate starts with Q, while Melaka state begins with M. The total number used for each letter ranges from 1 to 9999.

The vehicle registration number is managed and supervised by the Road Transport Department (JPJ) where each number plate is unique and will only be used once.

That being said, the letters are limited and once the numbers have been used up JPJ will release a new series of letters and numbers.

Owners can choose and bid for Golden Number, Attractive Number, and Popular Number categories that JPJ offers or tender for their unique number.

However, this process is expensive and can reach up to hundreds of thousands of Ringgit. Yes, you read that right!

Malaysia broke its record for the highest amount ever paid for a single-digit registration three years ago. If you have not heard about it yet, it was for “Malaysia 1” with a bid of RM1,111,111; mind-blowing!

Plate Number in Malaysia

In short, number plate in Malaysia are divided into several categories, namely running numbers, booking numbers, and tender numbers.

Majority of the vehicles on Malaysian road use running number plate. Mainly due to its ease of operation and the vehicle owner does not need to pay additional charges to purchase the number of his choice.

However, we can’t deny the feeling of wanting something that has sentimental value, nor do we want to spend millions on a plate number. Alternatively, car owners also have the option to buy running numbers from JPJ.

Keep on reading this article to know how you can get your hands on JPJ number plates without breaking your bank account.

Running JPJ Number Plate

Running numbers mean the vehicle is registered according to the latest number in the JPJ registration system. For example, cars that are registered using QCH numbers 1017, 1018, 1019, 1020, 1021, and so on.

Who is it for?

All vehicle owners are entitled to purchase JPJ running Number Plate. Vehicle owners can purchase all state number plates (except Labuan and Langkawi) in Malaysia. After the purchase, car owners simply register at any JPJ branch.

Furthermore, the JPJ running numbers are valid for all types and classes of vehicles. Whether it’s new, used, registered, or recon vehicles.

However, there is a difference in the process for purchase and registration should it be bought by an individual, company, or organisation.

Where to buy Running JPJ Number Plate

Buying a running JPJ Number Plate is normal in Malaysia. Don’t be surprised that some people delay their car purchases to wait for the running numbers to catch up.

It’s an individual preference, and we get why! There are three (3) ways you can buy JPJ number plates, which include:

a) Manually at JPJ

Head to JPJ branch to view a list of numbers currently on sale. Unique numbers still require the usual tendering process, but as for regular running numbers, customers can easily purchase on the spot.

b) mySIKAP Online Platform

Head on mySikap, identify the number that you want, select and proceed to the payment page to process your purchase. However, the site does not sell Golden, Attractive, Popular, or unique plate numbers.

c) JPJeBid

This site is to bid for your desired plate number! However, you’ll still need to register on mySIKAP and have a mySIKAP account before being able to bid on JPJeBid.

Check Running JPJ Plate Number

Here’s a step-by-step on how you can check the current running JPJ plate number via online.

  1. Head on to JPJ Official Portal. Click HERE
  2. Select your area and fill in the security code
  3. Click ‘Search’

The search result will display the current vehicle registration number and latest update time.

Now that you have this information, head to mySIKAP to buy your desired running number plate. However, we couldn’t deny that this requires more effort, especially if you have not yet registered an account with mySIKAP.

  1. Head on to mySIKAP. Click HERE
  2. Log in to your MySikap account or create a new account if you do not have one yet
  3. Click on Vehicle (Kenderaan). The site will take you to the registration number search page.
  4. Select the number and district of your choice.
  5. Proceed to payment
  6. Complete the payment using online banking, a debit card, or a credit card.
  7. Register the number plate at any JPJ Branch

The price for JPJ running number is RM300 and RM10 service charge, totaling RM310.

After a successful purchase, the purchase record will be registered in the JPJ system. However, vehicle owner will need to register the number plate within the stipulated time.

Should applicants fail to do so, JPJ will void the plate number without notice and will not refund any payments made.

What You Need

For individual application, here’s why you need to prepare:

  • Photocopy of identification card (Malaysian citizen)
  • Photocopy of latest passport (foreigner)

For Company application:

  • Company SSM documentation

The main usage of number plates is to identify cars. However, as we progress into the modern days, number plates are also considered as a sign of status and power.

Generally, a car having one of the sought-after plate numbers must mean two things: big cash or high status.

While unique and golden numbers are great, JPJ running numbers are also a good way to get a significant value for your number plate.

The only downside is that car owners cannot get prefixes or alphabet that have passed. Thus, they have no choice but to wait for new prefixes/alphabet to be released.

Unless you buy it directly yourself from a dealer, which is also possible via Motor Trader! Look up all number plates offered by our certified dealers at

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Among the many benefits, these are some main reasons why many choose to buy their plate numbers online:

  • Skip the queue
  • Seamless transaction
  • More choices to choose from
  • Transparency from selection to payment

Plus, even though you completed the process online via mySIKAP, you’ll still need to visit JPJ to register your number plate.

Click HERE to view some of the unique numbers up for sale! Browse away; you might even find the one you’re looking for.