Name: Sahril Bin Osman
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Car Purchased: 2012 Nissan GT-R
Dealer: Mutiara Motors, Johor Baru


Young entrepreneur Sahril bin Osman loves his cars, especially cars that are fast and furious. Having owned a Nissan Fairlady Z previously, he knows his fast Nissans so when the time came to upgrade there was only one obvious choice. Therefore, today, Sahril is now the proud owner of a Nissan GT-R, or better known as Godzilla. 

Because he lives in Johor Baru, there was one company that stood out for Sahril when the time came for him to buy his GT-R. That company was Mutiara Motors, with whom Sahril has had a long relationship. 

“My family loves cars and I have to admit, Mutiara Motors have been great at helping us indulge in our passion. The GT-R is the eighth car we’re buying from them so you could say we both know each other very well” said Sahril. 

The long relationship with Mutiara didn’t preclude him from looking elsewhere for possible better deals on a Nissan GT-R but in the end the combination of a great price, performance parts promotional package, confidence in their after-sales services as well as their willingness to take his Fairlady Z as a trade-in at a great price lead him back to them. 

An established name in the motoring business since 1982 Mutiara Motors Sdn Bhd (Mutiara Motors) is a renowned importer of new and used luxury vehicles from Japan and the United Kingdom. Led by Datuk Hj. Ahmad bin Kemin, the company is one of the leading players not only in the used luxury car business but also the automotive industry as a whole. 

“Aside from selling imported luxury cars, Mutiara Motors Sdn Bhd also owns the M7 brand, which produces and sells tuning accessories to improve the performance of a wide range of sports cars,” said Sahela binti Abdul Rahim, the Senior Sales Advisor at Mutiara Motors. 

“We offer our performance car customers enhancement packages and in Sahril’s case, his GT-R was fitted with M7 performance parts like a boost meter and performance exhaust prior being delivered. Mutiara Motors also has a long-standing reputation for ensuring every car we sell has the correct paper work so our customers never worry about being questioned by the authorities” she added. 

Mutiara Motors also has a fully equipped service centre, manned by highly trained and capable mechanics. Like all his previous cars Mutiara Motors will service Sahril’s Nissan GT-R, as he’s confident they know best when it comes to maintaining his pride and joy. 

In closing Sahril said “Ultimately, it’s all about confidence and peace of mind and with Mutiara Motors, I have no problem saying I get both and a great car too.”



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