Name: Zahari Idris
Occupation: Sales Manager
Marital Status: Married, 3 children with 1 on-the-way
Car Purchased: 2008 Toyota Alphard 3.5 Z Platinum
Dealer: NAZA Motor Trading, Klang

When sales manager Zahari Idris decided it was time to upgrade from his nine-year old Naza Ria, he had a very good idea of what he wanted to replace it with. “I only wanted to get a new MPV after I had finished paying-off the financing for my Naza Ria and while that was happening, I had grown to admire the Toyota Vellfire.” 

His search for a Vellfire started at NAZA Motor Trading Klang. “I have known the branch manager, Sayed Azuddin, for quite a while as we live in the same neighbourhood and I had also bought a car from him (a Toyota Mark X) a few years back. Following the purchase, his team at NAZA Motor Trading followed up with me by inquiring about the condition of my car and doing subtle things like keeping me updated about promotions they were running or even just by sending me a festive season card.” 

Due to this relationship with Zahari, the NAZA Motor Trading team were prepared to show him several examples of the Toyota Vellfire when he visited the showroom but subsequent conversations between him and Sayed lead to eventually picking the Toyota Alphard instead. 

Purchasing the car was simple as NAZA Motor Trading Klang helped to arrange for financing. “Since I had bought a car from them previously, the finance company they use had my track record to refer to so it only took a day to get my loan approved” said Zahari. 

Following his purchase, there have been several follow-up calls to Zahari done by Sayed Azuddin and his customer service team. “Our philosophy at NAZA is to follow the 3-days, 3-weeks and 3-months principle. That means we’ll do a courtesy call a few days after a car is purchased to make sure the customer is happy then call on them again at later dates to do a general enquiry and also ask if they would like to send the car in for servicing” said Sayed. 

After experiencing such personalised and attentive service as well as a hassle free buying experience, would Zahari Idris return to NAZA Motor Trading Klang again in the future? “Of course I would and I will also spread the word to my friends who are looking to buy a car like my Toyota Alphard” he said.


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