Previewing a new generation of Infiniti vehicles, the Q Inspiration Concept proposes how an innovative VC-Turbo powertrain, next-level autonomous drive technologies, and a unique human-centric interior could enrich the experience for drivers of luxury sedans. However, Infiniti clarifies that its latest concept car is meant to demonstrate future technologies and designs and is not the basis of a coming model for sale.

The exterior of the Q Inspiration Concept features a concise design with dynamic and confident proportions. It is the first manifestation of Infiniti’s new form language and departs from classical sedan forms for coupe-like proportions.

More technical in execution than existing Infiniti production cars and concept vehicles, the brand’s new design language adopts straight lines, concise graphics and clean surfaces. The front is dominated by a large double-arch grille, echoing the signature design of existing Infiniti vehicles, yet exhibiting a more obsessive and technical level of execution. The appearance of the grille is matched with sharp louvers running up the sides of the bonnet, and blade-like vents fore and aft of the wheels. Infiniti’s hallmark human-eye headlamps have evolved to accommodate precise LED strip headlamps.

Extending rearward from the slashes on the bonnet, precise shoulder lines blend into the smoother bodywork of the mid-section of the concept, across the car’s pillarless rear-hinged doors. The shoulder reappears toward the rear of the car, exhibiting a sensual, curved quarter and wheel arches, accompanied by a graceful, arcing roofline flowing into the rear deck. These lines culminate in a single rear light strip beneath a clearly-defined trailing edge.

The cabin follows a minimalist approach, enveloping the driver and passengers in a serene and comfortable environment. The compact 4-cylinder VC-Turbo has liberated Infiniti’s designers from the constraints of powertrain architecture to realize a spacious interior.

The minimalist approach wraps occupants in a serene, spacious and comfortable environment. Concise and clean in its execution, the concept explores a modern aesthetic.

While minimalist, the human-centric cabin remains innately comfortable. This approach reduces the noise of the interior, helping the driver to rediscover their enjoyment of driving, focusing entirely on the road ahead without unnecessary distractions.

While the Q Inspiration is similar in size to existing mid-size sedans, interior space for each passenger is on par with larger luxury sedans. Each seat features a floating touchscreen, positioned to allow occupants to freely cross their legs in comfort. The floating centre console maximizes legroom, paired with thin-frame zero-gravity seats, designed to minimize fatigue on long journeys. Pillarless rear-hinged doors and low sills make it easy for passengers to get in and out. The driveshaft transmitting power to the rear wheels is positioned to create a flat cabin floor, offering additional space.

New ProPILOT functionality liberates the driver from mundane and stressful driving situations. Realizing the next stage in vehicle autonomy for Infiniti, ProPILOT enables drivers to delegate more stressful driving tasks to the car and enjoy an enhanced ability to respond to hazards. With the system acting as a co-pilot, the driver always retains ultimate control.

Drivers and passengers can call up digital content on their independent touchscreens. Passengers in different seats can enjoy a favourite film or show, catch up on the day’s news, or sit back and stream music as the world goes by – without distracting others in the cabin. As in all Infiniti cars, the cabin remains sufficiently isolated from the outside world to enable easy conversation when the screens are off.

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