It’s not a thrilling thing to enter a car with a funky smell because you know you are going to be stuck with it for the entire journey. It is worse when you have to apologise to your guest for the funky odour. Sometimes, a bad odour can even become worse when you turn on the air-conditioning or when you have an air-freshener (the good and bad smell don’t mix well).

To add to the unpleasant experience – finding baby cockroaches while you are in the car! Can you imagine being frightened by a flying cockroach while you are driving? Scary and dangerous. So here are some tips on how to remove car odour and prevent cockroaches.

Don’t eat in the car

Guys, we all love the smell of food but none of us like the smell of old food. Unlike a room, cars often don’t have flowing air (unless you love leaving your windows open which lets admit, we don’t do it in this heat and rain) which means the smell of food lingers even after a few days and there is nothing worse than the smell of old food like 3 days old egg or that durian you had yesterday. Not only that, the crumbles of food that gets left behind in the car also attracts cockroaches.


So if you want your car to smell nice without the presence of any cockroaches, just wait until you get home to eat your food.

Keep a container of coffee bean or charcoal in the car

One of the reasons your car smells bad is because of the moisture that is stuck in your car. This especially happens if you have polyester or nylon upholstery in your car as they tend to absorb water. Charcoal and Coffee Bean is known to effectively absorb moisture and odour. All you need to do is put them in a small container either underneath the seat or near the dashboard and let it do its job. If you don’t like the smell of coffee, opt for charcoal.

Send your car for cleaning

Man Hoovering Seat Of Car During Car Cleaning

Most of you tend to cheap out on cleaning your car because you don’t think it’s necessary. Well, unless you want to do the car vacuuming and cleaning yourself, we suggest you send your car for cleaning at least once a month. It only cost around RM10-20 for basic interior vacuuming and exterior cleaning. The professionals usually have the right cleaning products to help you get rid of nasty car odour like vomit or food with strong odour (i.e durian, fresh squid and fish). Plus, cleaning your car once a month will help your car engine perform better longer and we all know how much cockroaches hate clean spaces.

Don’t smoke in the car

Cigarette fumes have a strong odour and it lingers long after you have taken the last puff of the cigarette. You might think that rolling the window down will help combat it but the truth is that cigarette smoke will spread in your car still and worse, they stick to what’s around them – meaning, the smell will stick to your upholstery. Cigarette fumes will also eventually darken the roof of your car. So help your car stay fresh and clean by not smoking in the car.

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