There is a lot of reason why someone would want to sell their car but it mostly revolves around having a new car or simply needing the money. In the automotive world though, it is rare for a car to be sold higher than its purchase price (unless of course, you have a really rare vintage car) but there are steps that you can follow to ensure that you are getting the best price from selling your car.

Here are some things you should do if you want to raise the value of your car:

Send it for a full Service

The better your car function, the better the offer you will get. Car owners typically will need to send their car for a routine servicing before giving it away but you can put in the extra effort to make sure everything is brand new like the car battery, new pair of tyres and getting rid of scratch marks. Scratch marks might be little but it can make a huge difference in your final selling price.

Plus, making sure that you religiously send your car for its scheduled services will have a huge impact on your resale value.

Maintain a High Up-keep of Your Car

The higher the up-keep, the better the performance after a long time and if your 10-year-old car is still working like new, then you will have a higher chance at raising its value. In order to maintain good upkeep of your car, here are some rules to follow:-

Park your car in a sheltered place as the sun and rain might overtime create rust and corrosion to the engine and the bodywork. You should also maintain the same brand of engine oil as constantly changing oil can affect the engine performance in the long run and lastly, always keep your interior clean because upholstery that has gathered dirt for some time will be hard to clean and it will decrease your resale value.

Maintain A Low Mileage

A mileage basically indicates how far your car has travelled. The more often and further you travel, the higher your mileage gets and typically a car requires a lot more maintenance after 100,000km. This is why buyers are often advised to not buy a car that has travelled more than 100,000km – unless you are looking for a vintage, old school car.

At the end of the day buyers want to spend their money on a car that is well taken care of and still functions well so if you have been taking a good care of your car from the get go, you are probably in a good position to increase your car value when you are planning to sell it in a couple of years.

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