How to buy a plate number in Malaysia?

buy a plate number in Malaysia

In Malaysia, most car owners go about with the plate number that comes with purchasing a new car. For others who might want their own ‘special’ plate number, here’s a guide on how to buy a plate number in Malaysia.

There are many reasons why car owners want to have a specific plate number. Especially when it has sentimental or emotional attachment.

It is very common on Malaysian roads to see cars or motorcycles with very ‘pretty’ or ‘Ong’ numbers.

Is buying a plate number in Malaysia complicated? Due to the long process of surveying and registration, some may say, “Yes”. Fret now, here’s a simple guide for you.

Where Do You Buy A Plate Number?

Via JPJeBid! Malaysian Road Transport Department has introduced JPJeBid, an online bidding system for vehicle registration numbers for Malaysians.

Following the success of mySIKAP, JPJ finds this an opportunity to improve further. Hence, the birth of JPJeBid.

mySIKAP is the Malaysian Road Transport Department’s official online portal. It offers the public various online services such as matters that involve motor vehicles, compounds, summons, driver’s licenses, and more.

JPJeBid continues to expand on mySIKAP car registration dropdown menu. The web provides a user-friendly experience with a system managed fully by JPJ.

Some of the services that are available via JPJeBid include advertising, registration, bidding, payment, and account settings for plate number seller and buyer.

All activities on the site are supervised by JPJ themselves. Therefore, it can ease your mind against fraud and scammers.

To conclude, you can get your customized plate number by bidding on this online portal. This portal and service are available for all.

Whether you are applying for yourself, your relatives, your company, or your organization, it can be done!

The Process Of Buying A Plate Number

1. Pre-Bidding

Here’s what you need!

For Individual: A valid copy of identity card/birth certificate/temporary identification receipt

For Sole proprietorship or partnership business:

  • A copy of the Business Registration Certificate – Form D (company name, information and owner information); or
  • A copy of the Business License (Sabah and Sarawak only)
  • Company representative letter if the company representative is present to register.

For Company Sdn. Bhd.:

  • A copy of Form 9 or Form 13 and Form 49 or Section 58 Form.
  • Company representative letter if the company representative is present to register.
buying plate number in Malaysia using credit card

2. Bidding

As for the payments, buyers should know that no deposit is required. However, bidders must pay the minimum price or more than the minimum price for each vehicle number category that is bid on the first time.

Bidders with a higher price will win the plate number and celebrate!

What is the minimum price that we are referring to? It varies! JPJ has separated the plate numbers according to 4 categories which are

Minimum Bid for:

  • Golden Numbers – RM 20,000.00             
  • Attractive Numbers – RM3,000.00
  • Popular Numbers- RM800.00    
  • Normal Numbers – RM300.00    

Meanwhile, the minimum increase in bid for each category are as below:

  • Golden Numbers – RM 1,000.00
  • Attractive Numbers – RM150.00
  • Popular Numbers – RM40.00
  • Normal Numbers – RM15.00

For example, if Ali is bidding for a golden number on JPJ, the minimum amount that Ali would have to bid is RM20,000. Coincidently, Muthu checks JPJ website and finds that he also wants the same number as Ali, Muthu would need to put in a bid of at least RM3,000.00.

Each first bid must be more than or equal to the minimum price of each category. Depending on the number category, the minimum bid increase is 5% of the minimum price amount and there is no maximum increase cap. Thus, bidders can bid to their heart’s content!

Debit cards are not allowed. Payments on JPJeBid can only be made using local credit cards.


5% X Bid Minimum Price = Minimum Price Increase

Minimum Bid Price + Minimum Price Increase = Total Bid

Take note! A service charge of RM10.00 will be charged with every bid number registration. This fee shall not be refunded back to individuals even if they do not win the bid as it is considered Government revenue.

Furthermore, bidders are not allowed to withdraw their bids during the bidding period.

3. Post Bidding

JPJ will notify bidders of their successful application and issue a letter. After that bidders have 12 months to manage their vehicle registration.

If not in time, a letter of termination will be issued. Applicants who won the bid but failed to register the number within the specified period will find their number withdrawn; without any notice!

And even worse, full payment will not be refunded. Therefore, please follow your process very closely to know whether your bid is successful or unsuccessful.

The plate number that has been successfully reserved must be registered on the vehicle in the name of the successful applicant only.

Application to postpone the registration is not allowed nor reducing the booking price will not be considered.

The online vehicle registration number bidding system will automatically decide once the bidding period has ended and notify bidders of their results.

If your bid is successful the amount will be deducted directly and automatically from your credit card.

However, if the bid is unsuccessful. The amount will be credited back to your credit card without any charges.

The transaction is considered canceled. Therefore, you can start your luck again with other numbers available.

Is It Possible To Transfer Plate Number?

Registering plate number in Malaysia

Basically, a vehicle registration number transfer is the process of transferring a registration number from a registered vehicle (old) to a vehicle that has not been registered (new). Thus, providing a new registration number for the vehicle.

When a plate number has been successfully bid. transferring to plate number is possible.

However, the applicant will need to submit relevant supporting documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate and others.

As for companies, once registered to a vehicle transferring the plate number is no longer possible.

Here are some of the requirements that you’ll need to follow for this process.

  • Either the registered owner or a representative may submit the application
  • Both the old and new car is owned by the same person.
  • The brand-new vehicle is not yet registered.
  • For old cars, PUSPAKOM will need to inspect to determine the identity of the car. New cars do not require inspection; except for imported cars.
  • JPJ and PDRM do not have the old vehicle on their blacklists.
  • The date for e-Insuran will be open for the new vehicle once the transfer of plate number is completed.
  • Prepare payment for all chargeable fees.

Required Documents:

a) New Vehicle

  • 2 (Two) Copies Of  EDaftar Checklist Form.
  • 2 (Two) Electronic Printed Copies Of  Form JPJ K1.
  • Applicant’s Identification Document
  • Inspection Report PUSPAKOM (B2) For Imported Vehicles Or Vehicles For The Handicapped.
  • Copy Of Valid Green Diesel Vehicle Approval Certificate (SIRIM) (For Green Diesel Vehicle).
  • K1 Custom Form (For Imported Vehicles).
  • Original And Copy Of Import License (AP) (For Imported Vehicles).
  • Result Letter/Form On Reserved Vehicle Registration Number (If Applicable); And
  • Payment For All Chargeable Fees.

b) Old Vehicle

  • 2 (Two) Copies Of FORM JPJ K1E.
  • 2 (Two) Copies Of FORM JPJ K1A.
  • Applicant’s Identification Document
  • Original Vehicle Registration Endorsement (JPJK2).
  • Inspection Report PUSPAKOM (B2) Or B5.
  • Endorsement Letter From Customs (For Labuan And Langkawi).
  • Original Owner’s Identification Document Or Representative’s Identification Document (If Representative Is Present).

It definitely is a long process to bid for a plate number. Plus, considering whether your bid will be successful or not is also a reason why some never take this route.

Skip these bidding steps, requirements, and tests of luck by simply buying directly from owners or dealers. How? On Motor Traders, of course!

Browse the plate number available and communicate directly with the owner to settle on a price. Both parties may proceed to handle the registration for the vehicle once the price has been agreed upon.

Yup, it is that simple! No more, registering on mySikap to be directed to JPJeBid and so on.

Although some may say that it is just registration processes. However, they might not say the same when their password gets rejected for the 4th time even though it fulfills the requirement.

We have all been there! Unfortunately, there are times that systems have problems and it just gets on our nerves.

To view the available plate numbers, head on to

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