How to apply for a car loan and interest rates in Malaysia


A Comprehensive Guide to Car Loans in Malaysia – Your Essential Handbook for Navigating Auto Financing, Exploring Cash vs. Loan Options, and Demystifying Interest Rates from Top Banks like Maybank and CIMB.

What is Car Loan?

Understand the Ins and Outs of Auto Financing, Learn How Car Loans Work, and Navigate Potential Pitfalls to Ensure a Smooth Ride on the Road to Ownership. A car loan is a financial arrangement in which an individual borrows money from a lender, typically a bank or financial institution, to purchase a car. The borrower agrees to repay the loan amount along with interest over a specified period, forming a formal written agreement. Car loans are common for those who do not have sufficient cash on hand to buy a vehicle outright. It’s crucial to make timely payments, as failure to do so may lead to the lender repossessing the car.

Grasp the Essentials of Basic Car Loan Terms

As the automotive market in Malaysia continues to thrive, understanding the nuances of car loans becomes imperative for prospective buyers. To navigate this financial landscape, here are key terms and documentation requirements to empower consumers in making informed decisions.

Deciphering Car Loan Terms:

  1. Interest Rate: Learn how the interest rate impacts your borrowing cost, influenced by economic conditions and central bank decisions.
  2. Down Payment: Uncover the importance of the initial upfront payment, typically 10% for new cars and 20% for used cars.
  3. Margin of Finance: Grasp the proportion of the car’s cost that the bank is willing to finance, shaping your overall financial commitment.
  4. Loan Period: Understand the timeline – the total months or years it takes to clear your car loan.
  5. Installment: Recognize the monthly payment required to steadily retire your loan.
  6. Guarantor: Explore the role of a guarantor, someone legally bound to cover the loan if the borrower faces challenges.
  7. Repossession: Delve into the consequences – repossession, when the bank reclaims the car due to non-payment for two consecutive months.

Documentation Requirements for Car Loans in Malaysia:

For Government Employees/Civil Servants:

  • Age eligibility: 21 and above.
  • Valid Malaysian IC and driving license.
  • Latest three months payslips.
  • Latest bank statement (as per the bank’s policy).

For Private Sector Employees:

  • Age eligibility: 21 and above.
  • Valid Malaysian IC and driving license.
  • Latest three months payslips.
  • EPF or bank statement.

For Self-Employed Individuals:

  • Age eligibility: 21 and above.
  • Valid Malaysian IC and driving license.
  • Latest six months bank statement.
  • Copy of Company Registration (SSM).

For Graduate/Young Professional Scheme:

  • Age eligibility: 18 to 30.
  • Valid Malaysian IC and driving license.
  • Job Offer Letter (for those working less than three months).
  • Certified copy of degree/diploma certificate.
  • Latest three months payslip.
  • Latest bank statement (as per the bank’s policy).

Understanding How Car Loans Operate in Malaysia

In the vibrant automotive market of Malaysia, understanding the mechanics of car loans is pivotal for prospective buyers. This press release aims to shed light on the workings of car loans, particularly focusing on the two main types and key considerations that influence interest rates and monthly repayments.

Demystifying Car Loan Types:

As consumers embark on their journey to secure auto financing, it’s crucial to discern between fixed rate loans and variable rate loans. Fixed rate loans offer stability, with consistent interest rates and monthly installments throughout the loan period. On the other hand, variable rate loans tie the interest rate to the Base Lending Rate (BLR), providing flexibility but subject to market fluctuations.

Base Lending Rate (BLR):

Central to the variable rate loans is the Base Lending Rate (BLR), a benchmark set by the bank to determine the cost of borrowed funds. Understanding the dynamics of BLR is key to navigating variable rate loans and making informed decisions based on market conditions.

Margin of Finance and Down Payment Dynamics:

Banks typically extend a margin of finance up to 90 percent, leaving the remaining percentage as the down payment. However, the press release advises buyers that a higher down payment, if feasible, can substantially reduce the principal loan amount and overall interest burden, contributing to long-term financial benefits.

Impact of Loan Period in Malaysia

As the automotive landscape in Malaysia continues to thrive, prospective car buyers are urged to delve into the intricacies of car loans, with a focus on a crucial determinant – the loan period. This press release aims to enlighten consumers on the influence of the loan period, shedding light on the delicate balance between monthly affordability and long-term interest commitments.

Understanding the Loan Period Factor:

In Malaysia, car loan seekers encounter a pivotal decision regarding the repayment period, capped at a maximum of nine years. This press release emphasizes the trade-off between stretching the repayment period for lower monthly installments and the consequential increase in long-term interest payments.

Illustrative Example:

To illustrate the impact, consider a RM 70,000 car loan with a 3.5 percent interest rate. A clear breakdown is provided in the table below, showcasing how varying loan periods affect both monthly installments and total interest accrued:

Loan PeriodMonthly InstallmentTotal Interest
3 YearsRM2,148.61RM7,350
5 YearsRM1,370.83RM12,250
9 YearsRM852.31RM22,050

Full Loan Financing Consideration:

While conventional loans typically involve a down payment, it’s highlighted that some lenders offer 100 percent margin of financing. However, this option is rare and usually limited to specific cases, such as first-time car buyers.

Calculations and Approval Strategies car loan in Malaysia

In the dynamic world of auto financing, understanding the intricacies of car loan installment and interest rates is paramount for prospective buyers. This press release aims to unravel the formulas governing these rates, shed light on a practical car loan calculator, and provide valuable tips to enhance the chances of loan approval.

For those navigating fixed-rate car loans, the trio of loan amount, loan period, and interest rate plays a decisive role in determining the financial commitments. The press release presents the following formulas:

  • Total Interest: (Interest Rate/100) * Loan Amount * Loan Period
  • Monthly Interest: Total Interest / (Loan Period * 12)
  • Monthly Installment: (Loan Amount + Total Interest) / (Loan Period * 12)

Calculating the Numbers: A Real-World Example:

Revisiting the example of a RM 70,000 car loan with a 3.5 percent interest rate and a five-year loan period, the breakdown is detailed:

  • Total Interest: RM 12,250
  • Monthly Interest: RM 204.16
  • Monthly Installment: RM 1,370.83

Car Loan Calculator: Navigating Interest Rates in Malaysia:

Acknowledging the variance in interest rates among major banks, the press release introduces a handy car loan calculator. The provided interest rates for new and used cars from ten major banks offer consumers a snapshot for informed decision-making.

BankNew Car Loan Interest RateUsed Car Loan Interest Rate
RHB Bank3.18%Unavailable
Public Bank3.31%4.1%
Hong Leong Bank3.24%3.78%
CIMB Bank3.755%4.45%
Bank Muamalat2.95%Unavailable
Bank Islam2.35%Unavailable
Affin Bank2.92%3.00%

Tips for a Successful Car Loan Application:

  1. Determine Affordability: Understand your financial limits; aim to spend no more than 20 percent of your income on the car loan.
  2. Check Credit Score: A healthy credit history is crucial; build it by managing credit responsibly.
  3. Compare Interest Rates: Research and compare interest rates from various banks to secure the best offer.
  4. Get a Guarantor: Strengthen your application with a guarantor, especially if your credit score is low or non-existent.

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