Honda Malaysia has officially opened its new Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) Yard 3 at its Pegoh Plant, Malacca. The new facility, which cost RM15.1 million to construct, covers 50 acres of land adjacent to the plant which has been in operation since 2003. The PDI Yard 3 is able to accommodate up to 6,000 vehicles and will function as the centralized delivery centre for new vehicles.

“In January last year, we opened the No. 2 Line which puts us on the path towards achieving our mid-term goal of doubling our production capacity to 100,000 units by 2016. In July 2014, we made a strategic decision to construct the new PDI Yard 3 in order to speed up the vehicle delivery process in support of the increase in production and sales volume. The capacity for PDI Yard 3 is increased by 56% compared to the combined capacity of PDI Yards 1 and 2. The existing Yard 1 and Yard 2 will be used for receiving new vehicles, installing accessories as well as inspecting vehicle interior and exterior,” said Honda Malaysia’s MD & CEO, Yoichiro Ueno.

In order to ease the transportation process of vehicles to PDI Yard 3, Honda Malaysia also constructed an overhead link bridge, the first of its kind in Alor Gajah (though not the first in Malaysia as Proton used to have such a bridge connecting its factory to the EON premises across the road). The bridge costs RM7.1 million to construct and enables faster movement of vehicles from PDI Yard 1 to Yard 3.

Mr. Ueno added that the completion of PDI Yard 3 will play an important role for Honda Malaysia to achieve its 2015 sales target of 85,000 units. At end of June 2015, Honda has achieved 51% of its 2015 sales target, capturing 13.5% market share. The brand also leads in the non-national segment.

“I am pleased to announce that with the opening of PDI Yard 3, we are now able to support and speed up the delivery process of vehicles to Honda dealers nationwide. Our dealer network is also growing in tandem with the increase in production. All of Honda’s three initiatives – the No. 2 Line, new PDI Yard 3 and a strong dealer network – will work together towards providing better efficiency in delivering Honda vehicles to customers,” said Mr. Ueno.

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