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Jaguar E-PACE

The new Jaguar E-PACE set an official Guinness World Records title during its world premiere recently when the compact SUV did a 15.3 metre-long jump complete with a 270-degree corkscrew-like ‘barrel roll’.

Obviously, the barrel roll is not one to be tried at home; months of testing and analysis were completed to fine-tune the stunt, including achieving precisely the correct speed of run-up. The ramps were modelled extensively using CAD before any jumps took place. The driver experienced a g-Force of 5.5 during the 270-degree twist, and required a 160-metre run up to hit the air at the correct speed.

Demonstrating the agility, precision and performance of Jaguar’s newest SUV, the feat was the final test for E-PACE after 25 gruelling months of work across 4 continents to ensure extreme durability and that it lived up to Jaguar’s Art of Performance philosophy.

The Jaguar E-PACE is a 5-seat, compact SUV that packs the design and performance of a Jaguar sportscar into a spacious, practical and connected all-wheel-drive vehicle. Trademark Jaguar driving dynamics and design put the brand’s sportscar DNA in a practical design packed with advanced technologies to stay connected.

The exterior design is inspired by the F-TYPE sportscar and characterised by the distinctive Jaguar grille, muscular proportions, short overhangs and powerful haunches that give the E-PACE a bold and purposeful stance, instantly communicating dynamic agility. Jaguar sportscar DNA is also evident in the fast sweep of the roofline and the distinctive side window graphic.

The E-PACE has exceptional interior space for its class. Its large luggage space is made possible by the vehicle’s sophisticated Integral Link rear suspension architecture and can fit a pushchair, a set of golf clubs and a large suitcase.

It is the first Jaguar to feature the company’s next-generation Head-Up Display technology. The advanced display can project up to 66% more information onto the windscreen using large, full-colour graphics with enhanced clarity. Essential information including vehicle speed and navigation directions are in full view at all times, with alerts and updates for the infotainment, safety and convenience features all projected directly into the driver’s eyeline – reducing the need to look away from the road.

The E-PACE is available with a range of powerful and efficient Ingenium petrol and diesel turbocharged engines with power outputs as high as 300 ps. The Active Driveline all-wheel-drive system is a technological first for Jaguar. This intelligent system combines phenomenal traction with Jaguar’s unmistakable rear-wheel-drive character. The system’s torque-biasing capability delivers optimal stability, dynamics and fuel efficiency in all conditions and all weather conditions.

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