DRB-HICOM Commercial Vehicles Sdn. Bhd. (DHCV), the authorised importer and distributor of Tata Motors commercial vehicles in Malaysia, expects further growth in sales this year and the years to come. Three new vehicles will be introduced during 2018 and there is also a plan for local assembly of some products in the mid-term. The 3 new products to be introduced this year will be in the light commercial vehicle segment and small pick-up segment.

DHCV began selling Tata vehicles in 2015, focussing on pick-up trucks, light trucks and prime movers. The brand it represents is among a total of 28 brands in the commercial vehicle category of the Malaysian market.

“We are ready to move up and be a bigger player in the commercial vehicle category and in selected segments,” said Dato’ Abdul Harith Abdullah, Chief Operating Officer, Automotive, Distribution, Manufacturing and Engineering, DRB-HICOM Berhad.

“The last three years have been a learning curve for us. Come 2018, we are confident we have the right products in terms of technology, affordability and durability to be truly competitive in the commercial vehicle category,” he added.

On the new pick-up, Chin Tan Hee, Chief Operating Officer for DHCV, said that it will be the first time Tata Motors is entering the small pick-up category here. “Small pick-ups constitute 2% of the total pick-up segment. Our objectives are to offer customers an alternative and a highly competitive product. The Tata Motors small pick-up is a highly successful product, many of which are reliably plying the roads in other regional markets. We are confident it will help us gain a fair share of this promising and growing segment,” he said.

With the introduction of its all-new Tata small pick-up, DHCV aims to capture 10% – 15% of the small pick-up segment by 2022. For 2018, it plans to sell 150 units of light-duty trucks to capture 2% of a segment that is expected to have an annual volume of 7,500 units.

Tata Motors makes all kinds of vehicles, including passenger cars. However, for the Malaysian market, DHCV is focussing on selling its commercial vehicle models like the Xenon (below).

Tata Motors (which also owns Jaguar and Land Rover) is currently the world’s tenth largest motor vehicle manufacturer in the world, and the world’s fourth largest truck and second largest bus manufacturer. Its manufacturing footprint, with design and R&D facilities, spans the world with 6 production facilities in India as well as in Argentina, Indonesia, South Africa, Spain, Thailand and the UK. Its product portfolio includes sub-tonne and 49-tonne mass movers to 5-seater minivans and 81-seater buses.

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