The Proton 1-Tank Adventure concluded with the Grand Final recently and for the final round, the top performers in each category and region had to drive from Kulai in Johor all the way to Juru in Penang. In total, there were 31 teams and they each covered a distance of 700 kms.

Stiff competition was expected as every contestant had competed in one of the 5 regional rounds; in most cases, they had won their category but the results achieved by the finalists were astonishing with two new records being set along the way.

It was also the first time each winning car in each category achieved a theoretical range exceeding 1,000 kms, demonstrating what is possible from a Proton car when driven economically. All the models have 40-litre tanks and the engines are tuned to run optimally on RON95 petrol.

The best team in the Proton Saga category was the team of Ross Hadi and Stanley Raymond whose car averaged 26.9 kms/litre (3.72 litres/100 kms). In the Proton Iriz category, Yap Kam Foo and Brenda Yang smashed the previous record of 20.2 kms/litre (4.95 litres/100 kms) by stretching each litre to 28.6 kms/litre (3.5 litres/100 kms). In the Proton Persona category, Khairul Ashraf and Zuhairie claimed the top spot with a record figure of 25.5 kms/litre (3.92 litres/100 kms).

As with all the regional legs, the Grand Final was run over two days. As it was a special event, the mid-point of the journey included a stopover at Proton’s head office complex for an exclusive test track and design studio experience. It was the first time most of the contestants to visit the inner premises of the carmaker in Shah Alam, Selangor and they had an opportunity to take a ‘taxi ride’ around the test course. Driven by members of Proton’s ride and handling team, many were surprised by the g-force they experienced as the car was driven at high speed on the steep banking of the track.

In the design studio, normally off-limits to the public as future models begin life there, the participants were shown how the development of a new model begins on a computer screen. They were also shown a clay model which gives a 3-dimensional view of the car and a rig which allows interior designers to plan the cabin space.

Over 2,500 entries were received from parties interested in competing in the 1-Tank Adventure, from which 170 participants were selected. “We are humbled by the interest the PROTON 1-Tank Adventure has received from Malaysians. The listening tools used by our social media agency also shows that 80% of the sentiment for the event is positive, which is a sign that many people support our attempts to showcase the ability of the current range of Proton cars,” said Abdul Rashid Musa, CEO of Proton Edar Sdn Bhd.

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