There’s good news for diesel vehicle users for a change as the pump prices will be lower by 3 sen after midnight today. This takes it back to the price at the end of January and RM2.31 a litre is the lowest level so far in 2018. Last year, pump prices for Euro5 diesel dipped below RM2 a litre during the May to June period and then crept up again.

With the Chinese New Year festive period now starting, the reduction in diesel prices should please transport operators who will be busy sending goods around the country for the celebrations.

Their big trucks have tanks which take fuel by hundreds of litres so even a few sen would be welcome, especially since the trucks are constantly on the move. Likewise for other transport operators like those providing schoolbus services; they may save only a bit each time but it all adds up in a month too.

However, petrol prices continue to up with the latest price adjustment at the pumps, pushing RON95 petrol to RM2.33 while RON97 Euro4M petrol will be RM2.61. This is a 2-sen increase for the more widely sold lower grade and 3-sen increase for the higher grade.

RM2.33 per litre is the highest level reached for RON95 petrol since the years started although it is still 5 sen lower than the highest pump price set last year. That was in mid-November when one litre cost RM2.38. However, the following week, there was a big drop of 8 sen too.

Similarly, for RON97 petrol, RM2.61 is the highest pump price so far in 2018 but in 2017, also in mid-November, motorists paid as much as RM2.66 a litre for the fuel.

[Chips Yap]

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