It’s that time of the year again where most if not all Malaysians jump into their cars and head back home to their home towns. I just have to say that KL is such a pleasant place to be in during the holiday season that I actually quite like it here during this time.

Besides a whole lot of food and being with your family, what the holiday season also means is that there is a dangerous spike in the number of cars on the road, and that just means one thing.. accidents. With more cars travelling on the road at the same time, you are more prone to being involved in an accident, which is the last thing any of us want during this festive season. We compiled a list of five important things you need to do and look out for before hitting the road. Please read it in the following pages, and please be safe on the roads.

This time of the year is also when Formula 1 teams begin to reveal their new race cars. It’s an exciting time every year but what makes this year especially special is that we are now going to be listening to V6 engines rather than thundering V8s. I hear that they still sound pretty good, but I’ll reserve my judgement till I actually hear it myself. The design of the new cars however is extremely controversial. Make your own decision on the new design, we have also featured the new Formula 1 cars in the next few pages. I just can’t wait for the jokes to start flooding the internet.

As always, drive safe on the roads. If you are celebrating Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai to you, if not, Happy Holidays!

Mark Cooke

Mark Cooke
Managing Director
Proto Malaysia

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