Genesis and Delta Forge Groundbreaking Partnership for GV70 Project Overland

Munich, 23/11/2023 – Genesis, the pinnacle luxury brand of the Hyundai Motor Group, has embarked on an innovative collaboration with off-road specialist Delta Geländesport to redefine the Overland segment. Their inaugural joint venture, the Genesis GV70 Project Overland, marries Genesis’ opulent design with Delta’s over 40 years of off-road expertise, ushering in a new era in adventure-driven vehicles.

The GV70 Project Overland, elevated by an impressive 5 cm and widened for a more commanding presence, seamlessly combines luxury and off-road capabilities. Adorned with distinctive 18-inch Classic B Rugged wheels fitted with Continental ATR tires, the vehicle not only boasts a striking aesthetic but also delivers exceptional performance across diverse terrains.

Enhancing its off-road prowess, the GV70 Project Overland features additional PIAA lights integrated into the roof and Baja Style lights in the grille, ensuring impressive illumination for unparalleled adventures. For practicality, a specially designed roof rack allows adventurers to securely attach essential gear, highlighting the vehicle’s commitment to functionality.

Genesis and Delta’s partnership sets a new standard in the Overland segment, providing a unique blend of luxury and off-road performance. The GV70 Project Overland is more than a vehicle; it’s a bold statement of adventure, embodying the spirit of exploration.

Enthusiasts are invited to experience the GV70 Project Overland at the Essen Motor Show from 01/12/2023 to 10/12/2023, on the Continental booth. Discover the unparalleled synthesis of luxury and a spirit of adventure.