Another week and no increases in the prices of all fuels! This is unprecedented and will surely bring on comments that ‘something big’ must be about to take place soon. Anyway, it’s always good news for motorists and other vehicle users when fuel prices don’t go up… reminiscent of the old days of subsidised pump prices which remained the same for long periods of time. But as oil prices rose, it became a heavy burden on the government to keep increasing subsidies so that stopped at the end of 2014.

So for the second week of April, RON95 petrol is still at RM2.20 a litre and RON97 petrol remains at RM2.47 a litre. Euro2M diesel is RM2.18 a litre and if you want to do your engine as well as the environment a favour, use the Euro5 grade which costs an extra 10 sen but has very much lower sulphur content.

This week’s fuel-saving tip will not only help you save money but also reduce the risk of spending unnecessary money paying fines for speeding. Generally, fuel consumption is at its optimum around 80 km/h. It has something to do with the distance you travel for the amount of fuel that is consumed. Going slower might use less fuel but the distance travelled will be less and so the consumption would not be as good.

Modern engines have extra gear ratios which enable you to run at higher speeds while lowering the engine speed (rpm) and that also helps to keep fuel consumption low. But as you start going faster than 100 km/h, the consumption will start to increase rapidly since the amount of fuel needed to sustain high speeds becomes greater and greater.

If you drive a car with a manual transmission, then you should try to get into the highest gear possible so as to bring the revs down. With an automatic, you can ‘force’ the gears to shift up by lifting off on the pedal so that the transmission senses ‘no load’ and will move to the next higher gear.

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