It is a difficult time for Malaysia with the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines MH370 air plane, as I write this, there is still no news on it. How something like this could happen in this day of advanced technologies is beyond belief, but it shows that despite what we are told, we are yet to arrive at the golden age of aeronautical safety. My heartfelt thoughts go out to the families whose loved ones were on that plane.

On the topic of cars, the Malaysian B segment industry is really heating up with the introduction of the new Honda City. Honda Malaysia hasn’t officially begun to sell the car as yet, but some models are already touring the nations shopping malls in a brilliantly orchestrated marketing strategy to drive sales. I was told by our editorial team that the new City is eye catching and offers plenty of features, and though this is not good news for its competitors, it’s great news for prospective car buyers who stand to gain from companies trying to outdo each other.

Read our review of the new City in the following pages, if you are a current owner of a Honda City, Motor Trader reaches out to close to 100,000 readers, so if you are looking to swap to the new City, what better place to advertise your current car than in these very pages?

Till next week, Happy Motoring.

Mark Cooke

Mark Cooke
Managing Director
Proto Malaysia

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