If you watch the TV series from America, you’ll probably notice that the police cars are often Ford models (although ‘Hondo’ and his SWAT team use Dodge Chargers). Indeed, the carmaker has supplied nearly two-thirds of police vehicles in the USA.

The choice of Ford vehicles is made in a similar way that ordinary consumers make their decisions which are based on price, safety and value for money, which Ford believes its vehicles offer.

Keeping with trends, Ford is offering hybrid variants of its Police Interceptor Utility vehicles which is a new line-up of pursuit-rated vehicles. This range consists of the Police Responder Hybrid Sedan, F-150 Police Responder, Expedition SSV, F-150 SSV, Transit PTV and SSV Plug-In Hybrid Sedan.

Hybrid technology is ideal for law enforcement agencies because of the potential for significant idle-time fuel and cost savings. When police vehicles are stationary, a conventional petrol engine must run continuously to power emergency lighting, radios, computers and other on-board electrical equipment. The Police Interceptor Hybrid’s powertrain allows the engine to shut off for extended periods, powering the electrical equipment via its lithium-ion hybrid battery, helping achieve significant reductions in fuel usage and carbon dioxide emissions.

The latest Police Interceptor Utility hybrid has a claimed 41% improvement over the current model equipped with a 3.7-litre petrol engine. In recent testing by Michigan State Police, it had the fastest acceleration, fastest lap, fastest average lap and highest top speed, versus competitive police utility vehicles tested, including V8-powered entries. The only faster entry was its cousin – a Police Interceptor Utility powered by a 3.0-litre Ford EcoBoost engine.

The Police Interceptor Utility platform was engineered around its lithium-ion battery pack which does not intrude into the cargo area, meaning there are no trade-offs in passenger volume nor cargo volume.

The all-new Police Interceptor Utility introduces a number of advanced innovations designed for officer safety. Factory-installed Police Perimeter Alert uses sensors to monitor an approximately 270-degree area around the vehicle. It analyzes nearby movement to detect potentially threatening behaviour. When such motion is detected, the system automatically turns on the rear camera, sounds a chime, rolls up the windows and locks the doors. Motion trails of the detected threat appear on the digital instrument cluster so officers can monitor.

Additional optional equipment includes Rear Camera On-Demand which allows officers to view behind the vehicle at the touch of a button, and a host of factory-installed and factory-sealed wiring and lighting packages that meet specific needs of law enforcement personnel. These include anti-stab plates in the rear of the front seat backs to protect officers from potential threats.

Needless to say, the vehicle is engineered for extremely demanding usage. It has improved cooling, specially tuned braking system, front-door tethers, and police-purposed steel wheels, tyres and hubcaps that are designed to withstand the rigours of a chase. The vehicle is also tested for curb impact, median crossing and other conditions which would be encountered during pursuit.

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