While addressing customers’ expectations and providing the highest level of customer satisfaction are ongoing objectives at Naza Kia Malaysia, the company does not also forget there are times when there are also other needs customers have which can do with assistance. For example, at this time, with the severe flooding in the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia, there may be many Kia owners whose vehicles have been affected and damaged, and need to be repaired.

To provide relief and assistance to such owners, authorised Kia outlets will provide free inspections and professional advice on how to repair the Kia vehicles. Additionally, until December 31, 2017, Naza Kia Malaysia is also offering a discount of up to 50% for genuine Kia parts replacement as well as discounted labour rates, subject to the degree of damage incurred in the vehicle. This flood relief programme is only available for Kia vehicles uninsured for natural disasters (most insurance policies do not cover floods).

The following authorised Kia dealers are participating in the floor relief programme:

Meanwhile, if your vehicle is caught in a flood, Naza Kia Malaysia offers the following advice for safety as well as to prevent major damage to the vehicle:
1. Do not attempt to start your vehicle or turn the ignition switch.
2. Manually unlock your vehicle’s doors using the key to avoid failure of electronic parts from remote alarm usage.
3. Immediately disconnect the negative battery terminal to prevent electricity flow within your vehicle.
4. Lodge a police report and inform your insurance company.
5. Remove valuables from your vehicle before manually locking your vehicle.
6. Make arrangements to tow your vehicle to the nearest Naza Kia service centre for inspection.

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