Later this month, Lexus will unveil an all-new generation of its ES model in Beijing. The ES, having been part of the Lexus range from the time the brand was launched in 1989, is one of the two oldest model lines, the other being the LS. So it’s not surprising that this new generation will be the seventh one although the LS has only just come out in fifth generation form.

Other than this official picture and the video, no other details have been released at this time. As with the latest LS, Lexus says the seventh generation ES ‘springs from a re-imagined luxury equation’. It continues to have the spindle grille and there appears to be styling cues taken from the new LS.

First generation of the ES was launched at the same time as the brand in 1989.

The first ES was essentially a Camry/Vista underneath and unlike the LS, it had front-wheel drive. In fact, for the first four generations, the ES was mostly adapted from the Camry, with a Japan-market version having the name of Windom. However, for the fifth generation, the model gained more ‘independence’ from Toyota equivalents and this generation sold extremely well, especially as it was available in more markets around the world.

The ES only appeared in Malaysia (officially) with the sixth generation when Lexus Malaysia began selling it in 2013.

Lexus Malaysia only started selling the ES in 2013 after the sixth generation was launched. It came in two variants, one of which had a Lexus Hybrid Drive, and gave UMW Toyota Motor an additional product which could retain customers when they are ready to move further upmarket after owning a Toyota Camry.

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