The SF90 is the 65th single-seater built by the Italian carmaker for Formula 1, and the sixth developed for the sport’s current hybrid era which began in 2014. Many changes have had to be made, among the most obvious being the front and rear wings, the former being wider while the rear is wider and higher.

The overall weight of the car increases to 743 kgs, including the driver and his kit, which must weigh a minimum of 80 kgs. The fuel allowance for the race has been increased from 105 to 110 kgs, which also adds weight.

The powertrain
A Formula 1 Power Unit consists of 6 components – the internal combustion engine (a 1.6-litre turbocharged V6), two motor generators, the MGU-K (Motor Generator Unit-Kinetic) and the MGU-H (Motor Generator Unit-Heat). The MGU-K is derived directly from the system known as KERS, which recovers kinetic energy under braking and stores that energy, up to a maximum of 4 MJ in the battery pack. As for the MGU-H, it recovers thermal energy from the turbocharger.

Another element is the battery pack, where the recovered energy is stored until it is released. The sixth element is the electronic control unit. For the 2019, both the thermal and mechanical efficiency of the Ferrari 064 Power Unit has continued to develop. This was achieved working on engine combustion, energy recovery and fluids. The Power Unit layout has been designed in symbiosis with the overall car design, while Energy Storage system reduced its weight and volume.

The drivers
Sebastian Vettel continues with the team and now has Charles Leclerc as his team mate who replaces Kimi Raikkonen. Leclerc is the youngest driver to race for Ferrari. Brendon Hartley will take over Daniil Kyvat’s simulator role at Ferrari, having built up his experience in this role with Toro Rosso, Red Bull and Mercedes-AMG.

The first race of the 2019 Formula 1 World Championship starts in Australia on March 17.Ten teams will be taking part and while many of the drivers are familiar names from 2018 and earlier years, there are also newcomers moving up from F1. They are George Russell (Williams Racing), Alexander Albon (Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda), Antonio Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo Racing), and Lando Norris (McLaren F1 Team).

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