The month of February starts with fuel prices being more expensive as both petrol and diesel will cost more after midnight today. Last week saw a 1-sen drop across the range but for the first price adjustment of the new month, there’s a 2-sen increase for both grades of petrol and 3 sen increase for diesel.

RON95 petrol will therefore cost RM2.31 a litre while RON97 petrol, refined to Euro4M standards, will be 27 sen more expensive than RON95, at RM2.58 per litre. Owner and operators of diesel vehicles will pay RM2.34 for each litre of Euro2M fuel and if they care about their engine and the environment, then they will choose to use the Euro5 grade which costs an extra 10 sen a litre.

So far, the revisions have been small – a sen or two either way – so for most motorists, the impact is not significant, especially since it is only for a week. Compared to the average price paid in January, fuel prices start this month about 2 sen higher. Last year, RON95 started off at RM2.10 a litre and by the last day of the year, it was RM2.26. So the same trend could occur in 2018 and by year’s end, we’ll see prices even higher.

[Chips Yap]


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