Commercial vehicle fleet operators and small businesses now have a new choice of vehicles from DRB-HICOM Commercial Vehicles (DHCV) in the form of three models by Tata Motors. Officially launched today, the models are the Tata Super Ace and two versions of the Ultra range. The new models are said to be designed for the needs of today’s commercial vehicle (CV) customers, offering high performance, high load-carrying capacity and flexible body-load configurations.

The Super Ace is a 1-ton mini-truck which is suited for inter-city and intra-city transportation of goods. It is powered by a 1405 cc 4-cylinder diesel engine with an output of 70 ps/135 Nm mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. The top speed is limited to 125 km/h for safety and fuel economy, while the climbing ability is 39 degrees.

The 4.340-metre long vehicle has a payload of 1,000 kg and a GVW of 2,260 kgs. It has a large load area of 3.8 square metres easily accessible with a drop-side cargo bed and low deck floor. With a turning radius of 5.1 metres, the Super Ace should be easy to manoeuvre in congested areas.

Standard features in the cabin include ergonomically-designed 3-way adjustable seats, power steering, power windows and air-conditioning. The semi-monocoque structure enhances the strength of the all-steel cabin for better occupant protection.

The Ultra range is available in the 814 and 1014 versions, the 814 having a payload of 3,600 kgs and the 1014 able to carry up to 7,190 kgs. Both vehicles the same 3-litre turbodiesel 4-cylinder engine with commonrail fuel injection which produces 140 ps/390 Nm and is tuned to Euro3 emission standards. They also have similar 6-speed transmissions (with overdrive ratio for fuel-saving) and are limited to a maximum speed of 90 km/h.

Speaking at the launch event, Dato’ Abdul Harith, DRB-HICOM’s COO for Automotive Distribution, Defence and Manufacturing & Engineering, said that the introduction of these new models represents a key milestone that will enable DHCV to gain a bigger share in the growing CV market in Malaysia. “DHCV’s deep expertise in the area of importing, assembling and distributing foreign marques in Malaysia is well established since 1979. With these new products unveiled today which are competitively priced with superior features, we are confident that the brand will gain traction amongst our target users in the near-term,” he said, adding that the company’s understanding of the local market and its dealer network have been crucial to its success so far.

DHCV has been associated with Tata Motors since 2013 and currently has a network of 24 dealers nationwide, with plans to expand the network further as sales grow. Dato’ Abdul Harith said that the company’s plans for 2018 will include a local assembly program if volume targets are met. “We will also continue to explore new potentials and find out customers’ preferences through research to offer new product variants to sustain business growth and expansion in the medium and long term,” he said.

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