2013 Citroen Berlingo ElectCITROEN is to showcase an all-new, all-electric Berlingo van at April’s Commercial Vehicle Show.

With a 49kW – or 66bhp – electric motor under the bonnet and batteries totalling 22.5kWh of capacity under the load bay, the vehicle can be charged to 80% of full capacity in 35 minutes using a 380-volt fast-charge system.

Its load capacity is 3.7 cubic metres with a maximum payload of 636kg; figures not dissimilar to diesel-powered vans of this class. It also has impressive torque, with 147.5lb.ft available from almost a standstill. Power will transfer to the wheels via a single-speed transmission.

Full UK specification and pricing will be announced closer to the CV Show, but among the Berlingo Electrique’s features are eco-driving information, including an energy consumption/regeneration indicator, an ‘live’ energy consumption gauge and an auxiliaries consumption gauge, which displays data on heating, air conditioning and other secondary power usage.

It will also come with a deceleration and braking energy recovery system, an electric heating system with an eco-mode to limit energy consumption and hill start assist coupled to the ESP system.

The new Berlingo Electrique follows the original, which was put on sale in the UK in 1998.

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