IT’S THE MOST wonderful or the most stressful time of year – or possibly both. Christmas is just a few fraught weeks away, but if you’re still scrambling around for presents then look no further than this motoring-themed present guide for your loved ones.

For Him

Practical presents are always welcome with the men in the household, especially screwdrivers as you can never have too many. This eight-piece professional screwdriver set from Halfords should cover every eventuality, and with magnetic shafts they can pick up the screws that always end up falling somewhere awkward in the engine bay for just £14.99.

For the slightly more ambitious a good socket set is a must-have and Halfords has a few options. At £99.99 the 150-piece advanced professional set has pretty much all the bases covered; fast ratchet spanners, metric and imperial sockets and a sturdy carry case for the whole thing. There are no excuses now.
Where: and Halfords stores

Karcher Pressure Washer
You can’t go wrong with a power tool; any DIY job is made much easier and therefore much more likely to be done. Karcher know this which is why their pressure washers are some of the best on the market.

Its latest K6.610 pressure washer, nicknamed ‘The Beast’ has a water-cooled motor that ensures long life and reliability. It also uses the clever slot to plug in detergents so you have the right cleaning product for every job.

The high pressure hose reel means The Beast can deliver a huge 150 bar maximum pressure, as much as 40 times more than a garden hose, making cleaning a pleasure rather than a chore. It also helps to save water, as the cleaning job can be completed in less time.

With an RRP of £499 the K6.610 is a gift that will keep fathers happy and your outdoor space sparkling clean.
Where:, Amazon, Tesco Direct

For Her

Porsche clothing
Branded clothing can sometimes fall short of what would be suitable outside of a race track but Porsche’s offerings are much more tasteful – this women’s rugby shirt features the classic Martini colours.

BT Easy Bluetooth Car Kit
Keep your loved ones safe on the move with this good value BT Bluetooth phone kit. It has eight hours talk time and 28 days standby, and clips easily to the sunvisor. There’s noise and echo cancellation too so you can makes and receive calls with clarity, and costs the very modest sum of £19.99. Where: Halfords, Amazon

For Kids

Bugatti Club
Getting your kids their dream car – which is likely to be a Bugatti Veyron – is going to stretch the Christmas budget a little too far. But for a much smaller fee you can get them (and you) into the Bugatti Owners Club which is surely the next best thing.

For £35 single or £55 joint membership you get access to the Members’ Parking Area, free entry to all Bugatti Owners Club run events (including the fabulous French themed and American themed motorsport festivals), plus the opportunity to attend their annual Garden Party (where you get to run the hill in your own vehicle) and other social events.

The Bugatti Owners Club was established in 1929 and is based at the prestigious Prescott Hill Climb, which remains one of the purest and most accessible forms of motorsport.

Where: Contact Gill or Chrissie on 01242 673136 or email [email protected] or [email protected]

Hot Wheels Video Racer
There’s nothing more fun than crashing and bashing a big toy car about: except the Hot Wheels Video Racer has a tiny camera built into the front bumper and an LCD screen underneath. There’s a choice of film speeds (including slow motion) and you can even edit the videos with free software, so you can review who smashed into Grandma’s ankle and who scored a direct hit on the cat for only £64.99 RRP.
Where: Amazon, Tesco Direct, Sainsburys, Toys ‘R’ Us

Maisto Rock Crawler
Radio-controlled cars offer numerous ways to cause trouble and annoy relatives, but the Maisto Rock Crawler gives you even more scope for mischief on account of its massive chunky tyres and articulated suspension. Designed to clamber over just about anything, it also looks the business and is perfect for commandeering off the kids to ‘show them how it’s done’. Don’t be greedy with it for £29.99 RRP
Where: Halfords

For Anyone

SIGG Travel Mugs
We might still be a nation of tea drinkers but that doesn’t stop us guzzling coffee in vast amounts. Buying an artisan construction by a pretentious barista might satisfy the aesthete in you, but how about some stylish filled up with home-brewed perfection?

Swiss firm SIGG have been making super-sturdy bottles for 100 years and for this winter it’s introduced two new offerings. The SIGG Thermo range comes in four sizes (, 0.75 and 1.0-litre) all finished in high quality stainless steel and able to keep a drink hot (or cold) for several hours – not only does it have the usual vacuum to keep the temperature constant but also a zirconium stone base for better insulation. Prices start at £19.99 rising to £29.99 for the big 1.0-litre version.

Alternatively there’s the SIGG Elements range, 0.6-litre drinks bottles that are made out of aluminium and are 100% recyclable. Finished in smart metallic shades they are stylish enough to be displayed at the New York Museum of Modern Art – so now you know. Priced at £19.99 and available in five colours.


Everyone should know by now that alcohol and driving don’t mix, so make sure you or your loved one stay on the right side of the law with these offerings from Alcosense.

The Alcosense Lite is £39.99 and is small enough to fit in a pocket or handbag and offers reliable readings running off standard AAA batteries. Alternatively, Alcosense Singles come as a twin-pack for £5.99 and are perfect as stocking filler. Keep them in the car for those morning-afters; 21% of drink-drive accidents are now the day after rather than the day when drink has been consumed.

Where:, larger Boots stores and Halfords stores

TT Calendar

A pedigree budgie, a toilet, several laps of the TT course and a very patient photographer – The Milestones TT calendar is back, with more wittily-illustrated TT anecdotes.

Milestones made its debut last year, after artist and journalist Rachael Clegg decided that making a TT calendar was her calling in life. Together with Al Jazeera photojournalist Peter Greste and assistant Shaz Nicol, Rachael created a calendar that paid visual homage to some of the most significant and quirky events in TT history.

The result is, once again, 15 leaves of unusual monochrome images, which will be launched at this year’s TT. Only the goose that appeared in last year’s calendar has now been replaced with a prized budgie.

Where: RRP £15

It’s hard to think of the glorious of spring when winter has yet to properly bite, but a proper car care kit not only makes a great gift but also helps to keep your car in tip-top condition.

Autoglym are renowned as experts in the car care field and they have a range of gift packs to suit a variety of budgets.

The Perfect Interior Collection costs £14,99, which has Interior Shampoo, Vinyl & Rubber Care and the newly re-formulated Car Glass Polish which has anti-misting technology, which makes it perfect for bad weather.

For a more luxurious package, the £60 RRP Perfect Bodywork, Wheels and Interiors collection has nine of Autoglym’s best products within, including its famous Resin Polish. In between there are Perfect Wheels and Perfect Bodywork packages too.
Where:, Halfords and other good car accessory stores


Gran Turismo 6
It’s not even out yet but the latest instalment of the driving game series is just about to hit the shelves. 15 years on from the original Gran Turismo, GT6 has more of everything; 1,200 cars and 36 tracks; Polyphony Digital claim the tracks have been recreated to within a 1 centimetre accuracy, and accuracy is what this game is all about. Fans of the brand will get this by default, and until the PS4 version arrives there’s nothing better on the PS3. RRP £37.99 from 6th December.
Where: Amazon and all good electrical retailers

Forza 4
There’s a Forza 5 just around the corner but you’ll need an Xbox One for that. In the meantime the forth instalment continues to deliver the goods. There are Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon versions but the real bonus is the downloadable packs that offer a vast choice of bonus cars. You can also use your Kinect to look through corners or even steer your racer. It perfectly straddles hardcore simulation fans and people after something with a more arcade feel – RRP £37.99.
Where: Amazon and all good electrical retailers

If two wheels is more your kind of thing then MotoGP13 will hit the spot. Released earlier this year it lovingly recreates all the riders and bikes from the 2013 Moto GP, GP2 and GP3 series, and unless you happen to have just stepped out of your leathers it’s worth starting at the bottom; these two-wheeled beasts take some mastering. With a big career mode and the challenge of dynamic weather, it goes some way to demonstrating just how talented the real riders are. RRP £37.99
Where: Amazon and all good electrical retailers


If you think circuit racing is for cowards then you’ll want a copy of WRC 4. Fresh on the shelves in time for Christmas, WRC 4 uses its licence from the real World Rally Championship to good effect; all the cars, teams and drivers are here with the full-on WRC championship alongside WRC2, WRC3 and Junior WRC to boot. There’s a nice balance between speed and smoothness to be found and it rewards accuracy and consistency – just like the real thing. RRP £37.99
Where: Amazon and all good electrical retailers


The home of British motoring racing has plenty to offer those who want something that will last beyond Boxing Day. Silverstone’s Thrill (£79) and Experience Super Choice vouchers (£149) give recipients the option to choose from a wide range of adrenaline-charging vehicles, including the Ferrari 360, Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Lotus Evora, Lotus Exige, Nissan GT-R and Mercedes AMG.

For those who like to play off the beaten track, the 4×4 Extreme Experience, only £69 for the holiday period, provides some off-road fun in a Land Rover Defender on a purpose-built course, combining steep gradients, big drops and deep water.

Alternatively you could give the Caterham Motorsport Club a try. As well as running a conventional track experience, they offer slalom events. Participants have to perform powerslides and doughnuts around a series of cones against the clock. It’s not as fast but it’s certainly fun, and with vouchers starting from £99, affordable too. The Club is also beginning the Caterham Drift School, which will let participants into the dark secrets of drifting.

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