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Malaysians are well known for being quick to help those who have suffered in natural disasters, whether within our own country or in other countries. With the floods in the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia affecting many thousands, these two companies have rushed to offer assistance in various ways.

Chevron Malaysia staff handing out foodstuff at a relief centre in Penang
Chevron Malaysia staff handing out foodstuff at a relief centre in Penang

Chevron Malaysia Limited (in partnership with one of its branded marketers, Pen Petroleum Sdn Bhd), which sells Caltex fuel and lubricants, organised a community outreach to those affected by the recent floods in Penang.

The company sent aid packages comprising monetary donations for back-to-school items, essentials and dry food items including rice, cooking oil, packs of toiletries as well as blankets. Working in tandem, staff of both Chevron Malaysia and Pen Petroleum handed out the packages directly to 400 families who have been relocated and taken shelter at flood relief centres in the state.

“After one of the worst floods that the state has seen, we believe that every bit of help counts. We sincerely hope that our contributions will assist the affected families to get back on their feet again, but we are glad to see that the state, especially the island, is improving,” said Chevron’s representative, Peng Xiao Fei, Vice-President, Chevron International Products, Asia Pacific region.

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Allianz Malaysia, the insurance company, is also going the extra mile in offering extended flood relief support to customers in the affected areas. Besides presenting a RM50,000 donation to Malaysia International Search and Rescue for distribution of relief items in Penang and Bukit Mertajam, Allianz Malaysia has stepped up to expedite claims negotiations and waive stipulations to allow for a quicker claims process.

The Allianz Malaysia Claims Caravan
The Allianz Malaysia Claims Caravan

The Allianz General’s Claims Caravan has also been stationed in the north since the floods hit last week. The caravan was previously in Bukit Mertajam and Alor Setar and is currently stationed in Penang. Eligible motor insurance policyholders can lodge their claims at the caravan.

Those who have insurance policies for other products (eg home insurance) can also make their claims at the caravan. The company is making some exemptions for general insurance policy holders as well.

“We are also providing all Allianz customers who lodge flood claims at the caravan with a waterproof survival kit, complete with blanket, towels, first aid kit and torchlight. It’s a small gesture to afford some support and comfort in their hour of need,” said Zakri Khir, CEO of Allianz Malaysia Berhad.

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