If you’re looking for your first car with a limited amount of money, then finding a car that is in good condition can be quite a difficult feat. You are right to trust your gut feelings because this is a place where it can definitely put you in a very tight spot. This can be helpful when you have a friend who genuinely knows more about cars as they can actually help you to find one that is actually in good condition out of the hundreds that are not.

Honda Jazz

Buying a new car is definitely a good idea and getting one used is not bad either especially if you want a good car with all of the goodies without scrolling through Zalora wishing you hadn’t; the only thing is that you really have to understand the risks and expect it to have problems in the near future. To put things simply, buying a used car is like buying a pair of used Jimmy Choo heels from eBay or Carousel; they are gorgeous in pictures, but you’ll never know if they’re old and tatty once you open the delivery parcel. However, you still can get a car that is as good as new for the fraction of the price and it is just the matter of looking around.

Which is why it is a good thing to be sceptical when stumbling upon of a mint condition used car with a sticker price that is too good to be true. Jennifer, an accountant was looking for a car when she needed one for her first job, “I needed to get a car as the area I live in doesn’t have any reliably modes of public transport. I do take Grab and Uber once in a while, but it can be a hassle when I need to lug my roller bag around. I needed a car because I need to drive to the tuition centre where I teach part-time after working hours.

For Jennifer, having to find a six-month-old 2015 Honda Jazz for a relatively cheap price is something that sounded too good to be true and had raised many eyebrows. Undeterred, Jennifer had engaged Goo KANTEI’s services with the recommendation of her friend, “Although it was quite last minute and it was getting late in the day, despite that, we had managed to set an appointment at 4.30pm on that day itself”.

Honda Jazz

“It was raining heavily as I arrived at Ho Yee Sdn Bhd in Puchong and I was very surprise to find that the Goo KANTEI inspectors had waited for me to arrive. It only took them 20 minutes to complete the 344-point checks, where the inspectors had only found minor defects such as minor scratches on the paint and stone chips on the bonnet. I think they are professional at what they do and I am happy with their services.” What surprised her most is that the inspectors are from Japan and are specially trained for the job.As expected, the exterior condition of the Jazz was in great condition and scored the full 5 out of the maximum 5 stars. Likewise for the interior as it is still relatively new and unused. Jennifer also received an official certificate with the information shared with Goo KANTEI’s head office in Japan where it is stored for future reference.

Goo KANTEI inspections can be carried out anywhere in the Klang Valley that a customer specifies and to request for an inspection and to know more, visit http://www.gookantei.com.my/ or call 1-300-88-1655. The website at www.motortrader.com.my and magazine also lists used vehicles which have already undergone Goo KANTEI inspections.

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