To all our shorties out there, this article is meant for you! We know how tedious it can be to drive when your head barely passes the steering wheels – our author is a shorty too.

So here are some tips to make your daily drive a little bit easier.

1.Get a comfy cushion

The best way to add height to yourself is to get a comfy cushion to sit on. You can get them at any household store like Aeon or Akemi. Get the ones that are usually meant for wooden chairs.

2. Get a seat belt adjuster

Yup, one of the not-so-fun part of being short is you feel like the seat belt is trying to choke you but safety is still first. So get a seat belt adjuster. They’re usually made for kids but shorties are at least as cute as children, so that counts.

3. Invest in pedal extenders

Now we don’t see a lot of this in Malaysia but if you are one of those who has to push your seat all the way to the front and kiss the dashboard, this thing will be a worthy investment. No one can tell that you’re a short, at least from outside the car.

Note: Never wear thick Platform shoes to compensate for your reach. It’s very dangerous.

4. Choose the right car

Unless you’re a shorty mom with 5 kids, you don’t really need an 8-seater MPV. That being said, most new cars now have adjustable seats that can heighten as well as lower the driver seat. So, look out for those.

5. Get a small mirror that helps adjust your blind spot

You know the small mirror people put on their side mirrors. Yes, those things are great at helping you find your blind spot. Specifically if you are short and some things are just hard to see.

Now you can park along those ‘longkang’ spots with ease

There you have it, top tips to make your life easier. No more having to hug the steering wheels and kissing the dashboard. How many of these tips have you tried?

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