Set an amount that you are willing to spend, this will help you narrow down your choices.

Some used cars are as good as new cars but finding one is not easy. New car sellers too have some really good pre-owned cars, so do your homework on this one.Tip: New cars have lower interest rates.

If you are buying a used, sign up for our Motor Trader vehicle inspection services and our inspectors will tell you if the car is worth the money or not.

You are spoilt for choice, there are plenty of good cars so it all depends on your budget. Tip: Different banks have different interest rates, so shop around.
Buying a new car can be a stressful or a joyful experience. Tip: High spec models tend to have better value in the used car market.

Be sure to shop around for the friendliest bank that gives you the best financing deal. 1% interest rate is quite common these days.

The insurance industry has changed, and now take into account factors such as your age, location, driving style, accident reports, speed tickets, etc. All this will affect the amount you pay. Tip: Avoid speeding tickets and accidents and your insurance premium will be lower.

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