Many of the connectivity features we have in cars today are recent additions, having been introduced only in the past decade. For those with older models, adding these features has been limited since many of them are integrated with the other electronic systems in the car. With infotainment systems especially, the modern generation of units with touchscreens and voice commands are difficult to retrofit.

Now Jaguar Land Rover Classic has introduced a new infotainment system to its growing range of genuine parts and accessories, bringing modern functionality to classic vehicles in an authentic-looking, classically-styled, head unit.


Designed to suit most classic models (Jaguar and Land Rover, of course) running on negative earth electrics, the 1-DIN Classic Infotainment System units incorporate customisable satellite navigation in up to 32 languages, smartphone integration, Bluetooth connectivity and dual DAB/DAB+ digital radio, as well as FM and AM analogue reception.

Additionally, 4 distinct branded versions of the Classic Infotainment System will be offered specifically for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles, with a choice of black or chrome faceplate finishes to suit Jaguars, and a choice of black or silver brushed aluminium for Land Rovers.

Controlled by a 3.5-inch high-resolution touchscreen integrated between traditional rotary controls and buttons, the navigation system’s guidance (presently only for Europe) can be displayed as 2D or 3D maps, or as turn arrow instructions, and includes traffic alerts.

Other key features of the Classic Infotainment System include telephone functionality, including phonebook transfer via Bluetooth, supports up to four devices, with 1,250 contacts per device and an internal microphone.

All versions of the Jaguar Land Rover Classic Infotainment System are available to purchase from this month and can be ordered at They are each riced at £1,200 (about RM6,500).

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