Caltex is once again the presenting sponsor of the reality automotive competition series, Celebrity Car Wars, which is in its third season. The show, aired on HISTORY Asia, aims to showcase how Caltex petrol and diesel can help vehicles deliver under even more challenging driving scenarios.

In conjunction with the show (until November 30, 2018), customers who spend a minimum of RM40 on a fuel transaction in a single receipt at Caltex stations nationwide stand a chance to win prizes totalling over RM200,000. These prizes include holiday packages, cash and more. To participate, all the customer has to do is send a picture of the receipt to a WhatsApp number with contact details.

The show features a star power line-up from Asia who are competing against one another through 19 challenges to be part of the Celebrity Car Wars Hall of Fame. Among the challengers on the show are Malaysian actor, producer and director Hans Isaac, who is up against Singaporean actor and comedian Munah Bagharib; Filipino actor and VJ, Diego Loyzaga; American-Filipino actor, model, and singer Xian Lim; Thai-Australian actor, singer, and model, Matthew Deane; his wife and competitor Thai R&B idol, actress, and social media influencer Lydia Sarunrat.

The celebrities in the show

“Caltex is continuously taking one step further, taking on the challenge to provide nothing but the most innovative products for engine protection. This platform allows us to demonstrate Techron’s high-performance fuel that can help vehicles deliver under more challenging scenarios. The show features professional tips to help drivers improve their drive to gain better fuel economy, including how the right fuel can maximize power and increase engine reliability. The promotional campaign was ignited to ensure that we reward our consumers who fuel at Caltex for a better, smoother and worry-free ride,” said Shahid Ahmed, Country Chairman of Chevron Malaysia, which distributes and market Caltex fuels and lubricants.

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