The BMW Safety 360° Program has entered its fourth year with the launch of the 2017 edition by BMW Group Malaysia recently.

Working in collaboration with Ukids, the ‘Roaderland’ program serves to educate parents and their pre-school children on road safety in a fun, experiential way and to share with parents the importance of using childseats and proper restraint solutions as a way to keep their children safe in cars.

“The BMW Safety 360° Program reflects our commitment to view safety and responsibility on the road from the complete view of technology, behaviour and action. Last year, we took the program to a selection of kindergartens and montessori centres throughout Klang Valley where we focused on driving action for more responsible on road and in-car safety practices for parents and children. This year, we have expanded this reach and we have created a permanent space for parents and children together with our partner Ukids to experience the reality of road safety. By collaborating with Ukids, we hope the program will widen its reach throughout the country to influence change in both parents and children to be more responsible with their own safety especially when on the road,” said Sashi Ambi, Head of Corporate Communications at BMW Group Malaysia.

“We are also glad to have been able to launch the BMW Safety 360° Program this year just in time for the festive Raya season. We hope that this will be a reminder to everyone to be safe on the roads and in your cars this holiday,” he added.

Mr. Sashi said that while the Malaysian government is currently working towards improving safety standards on Malaysian roads, BMW Group Malaysia is seeking to be part of the solution by continuing to create awareness and sharing solutions on on-road and in-car safety practices and behaviour, particularly on advocating the importance of using child carseats as well as the overall practice of responsibility in the car and behind the wheel.

The Roaderland program is specifically designed for children aged from four to six years old to learn about the importance of road safety through real-life traffic situations in a simulated environment. Their journey of learning about road safety goes through four stations, with the final one teaching them about on road safety through a real-world simulation of real-life traffic situations.

During the sessions, BMW Group Malaysia will also have the Association of Registered Childcare Providers Malaysia on hand to speak to parents on the importance and proper use of child restraint systems. The team of experts from the association are also available to check on the childseats that the parents currently have and share on solutions and techniques on how parents can keep their children safer in cars.

This year’s edition of the BMW Safety 360° Program aims to reach out to over 3,000 parents and children throughout the country during 2017 with an objective to create awareness and education on solutions, technologies, etiquettes and behaviour to be safe while on the road.

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