Later this month, on February 22, BMW Group Malaysia will present the BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion for the very first time in Malaysia, at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC).

Described as ‘a unique, one-of-a-kind fascination programme’, its highlight will be the unveiling of the BMW Concept 8-Series for the very first time not only in Malaysia but also in South East Asia.

“We’re very excited to be able to bring the BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion to Malaysia. The pavilion is a one of a kind experiential programme which was recently presented in Toronto, Canada and now makes its way to Malaysia. The pavilion shares our vision of the luxurious appeal of our brand and for the very first time in South East Asia, will unveil one of our newest concept vehicles, the BMW Concept 8-Series.” said Han Sang Yun, Managing Director & CEO of BMW Group Malaysia.

Mr. Han added that the Concept 8-Series demonstrates the harmonious relationship between razor sharp dynamics and modern luxury in one vehicle as well as strengthens the BMW Group’s leadership in the luxury class. “As Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President at BMW Group Design describes the BMW Concept 8-Series: it’s a slice of pure automotive fascination and showcases a new approach to the use of forms on the car’s surfacing to make a forceful statement and create a model brimming with character. In short, the BMW Concept 8-Series is completely a driver’s car and clearly communicates Sheer Driving Pleasure in the most luxurious way,” he said.

The Malaysian public will be able to see this concept car at KLCC later this month.

The Concept 8-Series has been displayed at various locations since it was revealed in May last year. It is a preview of the a new 8-Series generation which will only be the second one.

The model line was sold during the 1990s, with the last units leaving the line in 1999. [Click here to read more about the Concept 8-Series]

The event has only limited entries per session at the BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion and those who wish to attend are encouraged to register their interest at from today until February 11, 2018. Confirmed invitations will be shared from February 14, 2018.

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