The diesel variant of the BMW 5-Series is now available in Malaysia in the form of the new 520d, priced at RM333,800 (without insurance). Powered by an all-new 2-litre, 4-cylinder common-rail direct injection BMW Advanced Diesel powerplant producing 184 bhp/380 Nm (the torque value available from between 1750 – 2750 rpm), the character of the model is said to be almost indistinguishable from that its petrol-engined brother.
In fact, the performance and fuel efficiency of the new 520d are said to be best in its class and at a level previously associated only with 6-cylinder engines. The car has a claimed acceleration time of 8.1 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h and a top speed of 225 km/h – yet averaging 19.2 kms/litre, thanks to BMW EfficientDynamics features.
“The new BMW 520d is a welcome addition to the award-winning range of executive sedans that we at BMW Group Malaysia are offering to our discerning customers. As the perfect balance of fuel efficiency and class-leading performance, the new BMW 520d will certainly appeal above all to corporate customers and high-mileage drivers, reinforcing BMW’s position as the superior choice in the premium executive segment,” said Geoffrey Briscoe, MD of BMW Group Malaysia.
He added: “The new BMW 520d continues our ambition of successfully combining all the traits in which BMW cars are known for – elegant looks and driving superiority with the latest technologies from our Sustainability strategy of BMW EfficientDynamics and our Innovations strategy of BMW ConnectedDrive to provide solutions to real world concerns. It is a testament to our capabilities of developing a car which is built without compromise!”
The 520d, assembled at the Kulim, Kedah, plant alongside the other 5-Series variants as well as the X1, comes with a host of features and equipment commensurate with its premium position. With BMW ConnectedDrive, owners are able to enjoy complete USB connectivity and bluetooth handsfree functions, as well as considerably expanded functionality for mobilephones and portable music players. Owners are also able to access a host of safety and infotainment functions such as BMW TeleServices and the optional BMW Telematics Platform Accessory which includes an emergency Vehicle Recovery System as well as other BMW Assist remote services.
Looks-wise, the 520d is identical to the other variants, having the same beautifully balanced proportions and handsomely aggressive appearance of the new generation which was launched here last year. Additionally, the 520d also features a new headlight design which incorporates the daytime driving lights typical of the BMW brand, but with the first ever application of LED corona rings. This makes the car instantly recognizable as a BMW 5-Series while, at the same time, providing it with an entirely new character altogether.
BMW EfficientDynamics technologies are not just about engine but encompass many other areas of the car’s design, all with the objective of enhancing fuel efficiency. For the 520d, this includes Brake Energy Regeneration and Electromechanical steering. Brake Energy Regeneration makes use of every watt possible by recharging the battery during braking, coasting or decelerating. The technology improves fuel efficiency by up to 3% and allows the full power of the engine to be used for acceleration.
In the steering system, while conventional hydraulic systems consistently require engine power which consumes fuel, the 520d’s electromechanical steering system that only operates during actual steering. So long as the car is moving straight, or is at a constant cornering angle, the electric motor is inactive, reducing energy consumption to optimize efficiency.
With the new 5-Series being the first car in its segment to feature an 8-speed automatic transmission, it is only natural that the 520d gets with the same transmission as standard. This 8-speeder allows the driver to enjoy an exceptionally smooth driving experience with a seemingly endless infusion of power, while providing the efficiency to match that of a double-clutch transmission system (which reduces fuel consumption and emission levels even further).
To ensure the optimum and safe use of its performance capabilities, the 520d also comes an array of intelligent driver assistance technologies such as Dynamic Stability Control and Cruise Control. Also present is Dynamic Driving Control which, in conjunction with Dynamic Damping Control, enables the driver to personalize their drive and suspension set-up from comfortable to extremely sporty.
The cabin is characterized has an elegant and organized appeal with easy-to-use function controls within reach of both the driver as well as front passenger, while an intuitive iDrive system provides single-point access for making adjustments to various systems. Elongated horizontal lines further accentuate the sense of space which is available within the car while top-quality materials and finishings are rendered with precise detail to underline the premium luxury ambience.
The 520d comes with BMW’s extensive service program, BMW Service + Repair Inclusive, which covers the normal wear and tear repairs or replacements as well as maintenance, service and repair of factory components of the vehicle. This program runs for 3 years from the original registration date or 60,000 kms, which ever comes first. It is only available with BMWs sold by authorised BMW dealers.
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