A DELIGHTED MotoGP fan received his ultimate dream this weekend when he arrived in Pesaro, Italy to collect his customised helmet from leading graphic artist Roby at Starline design studio.

Young, who has a passion for motorcycle racing and is a devotee to the intricate designs of top class racers, wanted a stylised helmet design of his own.

The 36 year old from Coalville was given the opportunity to have his dream fulfilled by motorcycle insurance providers Bennetts, after he became part of the 12 Dreams of Christmas giveaway. Young was the final winner of the campaign which saw 12 Biking Dreams realised in as many days.

The electrician wished to have his helmet designed by “Roby” Roberto Marchionni, whose list of customers includes MotoGP supreme Valentino Rossi from whose quirky designs Young’s has taken inspiration.

The custom design helmet presents an array of vivid colours, which will be guaranteed to catch the eye of passers-by in Young’s home town of Coalville, Leicestershire.

Emulating the ever popular Rossi signature design of his white bulldog Guido, Young’s helmet boasts two British bulldogs, symbolising the 36 year old’s prized pets Marvin and Maddison.

On receiving his brand new helmet from Starline designers Young said: “This has been a brilliant experience for me. First I receive the fantastic news just before Christmas and now I’m in here in Italy to collect my amazing new helmet.

“I’m so pleased with how Roby has interpreted my ideas, I really couldn’t ask for anything better. It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime moment for me and I’m so grateful to Bennetts for organising my dream. Just as Rossi always has Guido with him on the track, now I can be sure the two most important canines in my life are always close to me when I ride.”

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