Motor Trader Issue #728
Motor Trader Issue #728

NAME & WIN with Motor Trader!

Buy Motor Trader issue #728 at your nearest book store to join in the contest!

1. Buy Motor Trader #728
2. Flip to page no.4 and answer 3 simple questions and fill in all the information
3.  Snap a picture of the contest form and send it to us via form below
4. Keep an eye on Motor Trader’s Facebook page at to see if you are one of our winners!

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Terms & Conditions
NAME & WIN with Motor Trader!
Before you send your entry by e-mail, you must read, understand and accept the Terms & Conditions of participation in this contest which are listed below:
1. This contest runs from 6th April 2015 until 20th April 2015.
2. This contest is open to all readers of Proto Malaysia Sdn Bhd (and its subsidiary companies), Motor Trader, Fast Bike, Auto Car and Bike Trader.
3. All contest forms must reach the organizer, PROTO Malaysia Sdn Bhd by 20th April 2015.
4. Fill in the answers and information that stated in the form.
5. Take a picture of the contest and send it to us via our website at :
6. Due to the possibility of e-mail transmission failing, proof of sending an e-mail entry will not be considered as proof of receipt.
7. All the questions must be answered otherwise the entry will be disqualified. Only one answer per question is accepted.
8. All details of the entrant required must be provided otherwise the entry will be disqualified.
9. Each entrant (based on the unique MyKad number) is allowed one entry only. This is important because prize winners will have to show their MyKad as proof of identity. Additional entries from the same person will be automatically deleted. If you are a non-Malaysian and do not possess a MyKad, then you may provide your passport number but you must state your nationality.
10. Determination on winners will be based on random selection of entries with the correct answers to all 3 questions. This will be done after the closing date and every correct entry will be assigned a number which will go into a box and mixed up.This will enable every participant a better chance to win one of the prizes, regardless of whether the entry is submitted early or late in the contest period.
11. The Organizer reserves the right at its sole discretion to disqualify any entries, to cancel, to modify, suspend or change the contest without any prior notification.
12. Winner(s) will be determine based on all three correct answer.
13. Prize winners will be informed by an e-mail to the address from which the entry was sent. The contest organizer does not accept responsibility for failure of such a notification e-mail to reach the mailbox of the winner for whatever reason as internet connections or service providers may have problems beyond our control.
14. All decisions made by the organizer are final and no appeal or correspondence of any form shall be entertained.
15. All prizes must be claimed within the period stipulated in the notification e-mail sent to each winner. Collection of all prizes will be from the head office of Proto Malaysia at Midvalley, Centre Point South Building Level 12. All costs related to collection of prizes will be borne by the winner. After the stipulated period for collection, uncollected prizes will be forfeited and no claims will be entertained.
16. The Organizer shall reserve the right at its absolute discretion to substitute any of the prizes with that of similar value, at any time without prior notice. The values of the prizes are correct at the time of printing. All prizes are given on an “as is” basis and are not exchangeable for cash, credit other items or voucher, in part or in full.
17. Participation in this contest is voluntary and no entry fee is required. The participants must agree to abide by all the Terms & Conditions stated.
18. Announcement of winners will be announced via Motor Trader social media as well
19. The closing date of this contest is 20th April 2015. E-mail entries will be accepted only up till 11:59 pm Malaysian time on 20th April 2015. The winners will be announced on this website within one week of the closing date.
20. This is subject to change without prior notice.
21. Movie hall is subject to final confirmation from cinema provider. If it is subject to change, it will be via website and social media platform.

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