Right now, there are about 250 Audi e-tron development vehicles in the world which Audi has dispatched part of that fleet around Geneva town as part of the company’s big unveiling of its first all-electric model at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show this week.

Audi e-tron prototype

Donned in a specially designed Glitch-themed camouflage, Audi is inviting spotters to take their best “scoop” photos on Instagram with the hashtag #etron and the best ones will be featured on Audi’s e-tron website.

Audi e-tron prototype

Interestingly, the bright orange colour inserts indicates where the battery pack is located in the prototype, which strongly suggests that the e-tron has a underbody mounted battery pack similar to Tesla’s battery configuration.

Audi e-tron prototype

As released from Audi, under the striking livery hides a fully-electric SUV with the space to fit five people and dimensionally similarly to the brand’s luxury range of cars. Audi has been mum on the e-tron prototype’s drivetrain, but revealed that the e-tron prototype can be charged up to its maximum range in just 30 minutes via a 150kW fast-charging station.

Audi e-tron prototype

According to the rumour mills, the Audi electric SUV could have a 500km range and with nearly 500hp and 800Nm of torque. Also, it’s also hinted that the e-tron prototype runs on a full-electric quattro four-wheel drive that is capable on any terrain.

Audi e-tron prototype

Any how, the e-tron has the Tesla Model X and the recently revealed Jaguar I-Pace to beat when it is officially launched. The production version of the e-tron will be launched in Europe at the end of 2018 from Audi’s carbon-neutral plant in Brussels.

You can watch Jens van Eikels, Director of the e-tron program, take a ride in one of the prototypes here:


Now live! Everyday suitability, breathtaking dynamics and superior charging power.Jens van Eikels, Director Carline e-tron, explains the highlights of the sporty premium #SUV. #AudiGIMS

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