Goodyear DuraplusMotoring costs look like they are on the rise this month as there is another round of price increase for all fuels in the next 7-day cycle. Petrol is up by 4 sen and 3 sen, respectively, for the RON95 and RON97 grades, which takes pump prices to RM1.97 and RM2.22. Incidentally, all RON97 petrol is of the Euro4M grade.

The Euro2M grade of diesel which is available at all stations nationwide is up by 5 sen, which means it will be RM1.96 a litre. If you care about your engine enough to spend another 10 sen more per litre, then get Euro5 diesel. It has significantly lower sulphur which means the engine can run cleaner and more efficiently. Using Euro5 diesel is also better for the environment.

With this latest round of price changes, effective after midnight tonight, the prices of petrol are 8 sen higher for RON95 and 7 sen higher for RON97 compared to when the month began. The price of diesel has risen more and is 12 sen higher than on July 1.

[Chips Yap]

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