Motor vehicles have been assembled in Malaysia since Volvo and Federal Auto began operations at a joint-venture plant called Swedish Motor Assemblies in Selangor in 1967. Since then, many more assembly plants have been built and in 2017, there were 18 plants around the country which produced a total of almost 500,000 vehicles. The majority were manufactured locally by Perodua and Proton while vehicles of other brands were assembled from completely knocked-down (CKD) packs. Our chart shows what models were produced at each plant and where they are located.


  1. Thank you very much Uncle Chips for compiling this detailed table !

    Only a handful of journalists report coverage on the manufacturing side of our auto industry, and as far as I can recall, your writings have always been the most informative and complete in terms of depth and context. The ‘Automotive industry in Malaysia’ Wikipedia article wouldn’t have been possible without your extensive works and writings online, going back to the early 2000s on Autoworld. (which I still read often to reminisce on the good old days !)

    Although, if I may add, there is one notable absence in the table; Gurun-based Go Auto Manufacturing which assembles the Haval H1 and H2. For some reason, Haval doesn’t even report their sales data to MAA, so I’m guessing this could be part of the reason why Go Auto/Haval was also excluded from the production table above.

    Cheers & thanks again Uncle Chips !

  2. Glad you find the list useful. You’re right that not many motoring journalists have an interest to cover the manufacturing side since it’s not as much fun as testing the products the industry makes. Having spent almost all my working life covering the auto industry, I feel that the manufacturing side deserves publicity as well. After all, without it, the products would not exist!

    The factory making Havals and the company selling them are not members of MAA at this time, so they don’t provide data. Hopefully, they will join soon so their data can be included.

    Thanks for coming to Motor Trader.

  3. Hi Chips, any update on the above?

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