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There are hundreds of car brands in the world today. However, not all the brands which are still in existence have a history that is close to 120 years – almost to the time the first automobile began rolling on the road. Renault is among those few brands and has constantly adapted to motorists’ changing requirements and also to the changing times in the world.

Innovating to make life better and to serve the driver and passengers is central to the identity of the Renault brand. The objectives are to make driving easier, improve comfort and makes motoring safer. Secondly, innovation in engine technologies contributes to vehicle excellence by continuously optimizing power, performance and handling.

Renault in F1

Although a mass market manufacturer, Renault has also been prominent in the pinnacle of motorsports – Formula 1. The brand has had a constant presence for 40 years and was the first to use turbocharged engines for F1. To date, Renault has over 170 wins, 11 Driver titles and 12 titles associated with the brand.

In 1999, the establishment of the Renault-Nissan Alliance greatly expanded the innovative capabilities of the two companies. Through cooperation across the Alliance, the companies have better economies of scale, and more technological breakthroughs which ultimate benefit customers. More recently, Mitsubishi Motors joined the Alliance and with combined sales of almost 5.3 million vehicles worldwide for the first six months of 2017, the Alliance of the three companies is the world’s largest automotive group.

While the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance highlights three strong companies, Renault and Nissan also have additional brands which are affiliated with the Alliance in all commercial aspects. These brands are Dacia, Renault Samsung Motors, Alpine, LADA, Infiniti and Datsun. Brands of the Alliance have a presence in over 150 markets and on every continent except the Antarctic.

In Malaysia, the Renault brand has also been in the market for many decades, even before the arrival of Japanese and Korean brands. Since 2004, the brand has been represented by TC Euro Cars Sdn Bhd (TCEC), a member of the Tan Chong Group which is one of the oldest Malaysian motor companies, having been established in 1956, this year celebrating its 60th anniversary.

TCEC, having been the distributor of Renault passenger vehicles for the longest period in Malaysia, has been continuously building the brand presence. Besides assembling selected models locally, the company also offers highly attractive aftersales support and services such as the 5-in-Fluence and 5-in-Captur programs. These are intended to reduce ownership costs and give greater peace of mind to owners.


TCEC’s service centres have fully qualified technicians who have been comprehensively trained to maintain Renault vehicles. Besides its own service centre, TCEC has been able to leverage on the Group, and has appointed Tan Chong Express Auto Service (TCEAS) as an authorised service dealer.

TCECTCEAS has an extensive network of service centres nationwide which can also provide aftersales support for Renault vehicles. Today, there are 15 authorised Renault service centres throughout Malaysia, with 5 additional new service centres slated to open in early 2018.

With a wide service network, and a local Parts Distribution hub, consumers can have a worry-free ownership experience with Renault in Malaysia.

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