Land Rover has been well known for its tough, go-anywhere 4×4 vehicles for decades; well before SUVs came into the auto industry lexicon, Land Rover was already offering such vehicles. The ruggedness and capability of Land Rovers – specifically the new Discovery – has served as inspiration for a mobilephone which has been revealed at the Mobile World Congress in Spain.

Known as the Land Rover Explore, the mobilephone is able to last up to 2 full days of use, it is claimed. A powerful 4000mAh battery gives a full day’s hiking, biking or skiing with screen on constantly and GPS navigation mapping activated on the 5-inch HD display. Battery life can be doubled by using an Adventure Pack that also boosts the reliability and accuracy of the GPS signal and improves the mapping.

Drop-tested to 1.8 metres with a factory-fitted screen protector, it can survive underwater – including salt water – and can cope with extreme temperatures, humidity, thermal shock and vibration exposure. Corning Gorilla Glass is also used for the screen This level of protection ensures the device can survive heavy downpours or muddy trails and will continue to work and stay connected to the rest of the world.

The Android-based (Nougat OS) unit’s home screen has a customisable outdoor dashboard for instant access to weather information and data from the device’s sensors. The full HD screen works in bright sunlight and can be controlled with gloves or wet fingers. It is also fully compatible with all Land Rover in-car apps.

It has a 5-inch screen with 1980 x 1020 pixel resolution and runs on a Deca-core 2.6GHz 64-bit MTK Helio X27 chipset. There’s 4GB of RAM with 64GB storage space and of course, a MicroSD card or second SIM can also be added. The main camera has 16MP while the selfie camera at the front is 8MP.

The mobilephone was developed by the Bullitt Group in collaboration with Land Rover and not surprisingly, some of its design elements mimic those found on Land Rovers. The bottom section, for example, has a grille which resembles what you see at the front of the Discovery while the back is like the roof of the vehicles.

The Explore will be available in Europe from late April 2018 with prices starting from €649 which converts to a rather expensive RM3,120.

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