Yo dawg, we know you want to ong kaw kaw this year, so we are going to give you a head start, so we give you a list of ong things to do for your car so you can ong while you drive home this auspicious Year of the Dog!

Even in this age of smart devices where Uncle Google, Aunty Siri and Jie jie Alexa can answer almost anything, some of us choose to be extra cautious, as you never know as stranger things sometimes do really happen by chance.

If you want to be super careful with your trip this Chinese New Year, these are the eight things to do for your car for that extra ong!

Timing Must Be Ong

Ong My Ride

Well, the Feng Shui master will most likely to tell you that by choosing an ong date to buy a car, motorcycle or a RM50K bicycle, you’ll get all the ong. Also note that you should not select your birthday, date that clash with your zodiac sign and avoid buying that vehicle facing the ‘Evil Direction’ according to your star sign.

Colour Must Be Ong

Peugeot 3008

The Feng Shui master will also advice you to learn what colours mean and if possible choose colours for your car and interior that reflect the feelings your wish to instill. However, if you can’t afford a Bentley or a Rolls Royce, then no choice lor!

Confirm Must Get Ong Numbers

Ong My Ride

This one no need to say lah; the common ong numbers used are 1,3,8 and 9 with other numbers to come up with an auspicious sequence that is nice and rhymes!

+1 Ong

Ong My Ride

This one is a prerequisite of the religious; whichever and whatever you are practicing, show it by hanging talismans around the rear view mirror, and in a way show to other road users that you’re quite alim in that respect.

But First, Mandi Bunga

Ong My Ride
Photo credit: Jerome Lim

Clean the bad luck away by taking a nice, cold and refreshing flower baths to wash away the bad things that’s clinging on to you.

Don’t “Ahem” in the car

Ong My Ride

This one, well, if you do it in some dark alleys or spaces in your car, chances are you’ll kena kantoi with the Polis and you have a lot of explaining to do.

Bring More ‘Kam’ With You

Ong My Ride

‘Kam’ means mandarin oranges and gold in the Chinese language. Not only you’ll attract good energy in your car, oranges have a nice smell, a quick and healthy snack and the best gift to bring when visiting the in laws.

Don’t Bring Soft Toys (This one up to you)

Ong My Ride

The aunties say ah, having soft toys serves a vessel for wandering spirits to ride a long with you, sommore when you have a whole gang blocking your rear view mirror, how to see who is behind you? One or two Pillows also more than enough lah.


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