Following the launch of the PETRONAS nationwide campaign called ‘The Only Game Where Everybody Wins’, the response was so fantastic that all the vouchers were distributed earlier than planned!

Delighted with the strong support and interest in the campaign, PETRONAS wants to show its gratitude to customers by giving DOUBLE the number of points for its Mesra loyalty card. This means that when a motorist refuels with Petronas Primax 95/97 or Dynamic Diesel Euro 2/Euro 5, 6 points will be given for every litre purchased.

Additionally, anyone who has a Mesra card and makes purchases at the Kedai Mesra will also be rewarded with 6 points for each RM1 spent, whether it’s for a snack, drink or any of the many items in the convenience store. For example, purchasing the RM5 Breakfast Combo (available at selected PETRONAS stations) would bring 30 points.

DOUBLE the number of points means accumulating points faster and they can be redeemed at any time for fuel or other items at any PETRONAS Kedai Mesra.

The Double Points offer is only available until midnight on January 12, 2018 so don’t miss this rare opportunity to collect more points in less time!

After that, loyalty points will revert to 3 points for every litre of Petronas fuel purchased. The points structure was revised in November last year, making it the highest value offered in the fuel retail market.

But don’t let it be just only a campaign that brings you to a PETRONAS station because every visit is welcome by the friendly people at the station. With over 1,000 stations nationwide, there’s sure to be one conveniently located near your taman or along the highway. It’s not just a place to refuel your car or add air to the tyres but a great place for a break with clean surroundings and lots of drinks and snacks to choose from.

Don’t have a PETRONAS Mesra Card yet? Get one for FREE today at any PETRONAS station nationwide and you can start collecting points right away. However, do remember to register so you can redeem your points via SMS 36732 with the following message: KADMESRA (space) 17-digit PETRONAS Mesra card number (space) IC number (space) Name, or through online application.

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