Got a promotion at work? Well the time is right then for you to sell off your current workhorse for something a little more rewarding. But before doing that, make a few extra ringgits by following these five tips that will give you more value before listing
it in your local classifieds.

Clean it

A regular car wash could just be the very first point for selling your car. Cleanliness in general reflects the image of a well-kept vehicle, which in return will attract plenty of prospects. But since it’s a one-off occasion, you could pamper it with a session of detailing to bring out that new look again.

Formalise it

Remove all of the personalisations that tailored it to your taste. In the market of used vehicles, it is something that not everyone would agree is their cup of tea. So restore it to its original look and it will boost up its resale value above the current standard rate.

Disclose your service history

One of the most important points for the next buyer is a full service history book. As proven, cars with proper service history do command more moolah, and it shows that the vehicle is routinely maintained. If your vehicle’s warranty is over, do stick to a reputable workshop to maintain its reliability and keep track of your receipts for each and every service session.

Check the exterior

Do always keep a look out for paint deterioration, uneven surfaces and minor dents. If left untreated, these areas might cause higher repair costs over the time. So, fix that small dent or scratch and you’ll be rewarded through that higher-than-market-value price tag you’re asking for your vehicle.

Be realistic

When there’s a buyer, do always furnish that person with as much information as possible about your car, and the price you’re asking. But before that, do always survey the market  for the value of your vehicle and do price it sensibly. Haggling is bound to occur, and overpricing it does often reject attention. If your vehicle deserves to wear that higher price tag, do list down why and stick to that final figure.

Get your car certified by Motor Trader Inspection Motor Trader Inspection inspects up to 344 points of a car. This gives the most thorough understanding of a car’s true condition. It also gives a potential buyer added peace of mind knowing that the car is inspected and there are no real problems with it.

Offer Motor Trader Warranty to the buyer Motor Trader Warranty covers used cars and gives a potential buyer added peace of mind knowing that any breakdowns will be covered by Motor Trader Warranty.

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