Good news for motorists – especially those who will be travelling long distances in the coming days to their hometowns or to holiday resorts for the Chinese New Year break. Petrol prices will be lower by 5 sen per litre, dropping RON95 to RM1.93 and RON97 (Euro4M) to RM2.23. This means it will cost you RM1.80 less to completely fill up the fuel tank of a Perodua Bezza with RON95 petrol.

Diesel drivers don’t get to pay less but they don’t have to pay more either as the RM2.18 price per litre for Euro2M diesel remains unchanged from last week, with 10 sen charged for the cleaner, better Euro5 grade which you can get at most BHPetrol stations as well as those of other brands.

The decline in pump prices reflects the global price trends of oil and with the continued push of more fuel-efficient hybrid models (like the Mercedes-Benz C350e shown above) by manufacturers, demand for petrol is expected to fall. This can impact prices as supply starts to exceed demand and see lower pump prices this year. However, demand for diesel – in spite of tightening regulations in Europe – will not diminish in the same way. This is due to increasing activity in the transportation industry, especially in China.

If you’re refuelling, you might like to try the new PETRONAS Primax 95 with Pro-Drive which is said to provide a smoother, more efficient and more responsive drive. If you purchase RM30 of the new petrol on February 1,2 and 3, 2019, you can get RM1 off for any purchase made in the Kedai Mesra at PETRONAS stations. Tip: if you need RM60 of fuel, pump RM30 first and then end the transaction. Pump another RM30 and you get another receipt. So you get to enjoy RM2 savings but bear in mind that each receipt will entitle you to the RM1 discount for only one item so you have to buy two items.

You can also participate in BHPetrol’s latest ‘Win Cash RM300,000’ promotion that is on until March 31, 2019. Just make a minimum purchase of RM30 (except for tobacco products, TouchNGo reloads and ePay services) at any BHPetrol station for an entry form. This might be your lucky year as you can win up to RM100,000 in cash as well as 100,000 ePoints. Click here for more information on the promotion.

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