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Goo KANTEI Scores


Good Condition

Nothing irregular was found.

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Goo KANTEI Scores


Excellent Condition

No Apparent damage was found.

Good Condition

Minor Scuff and road wear without serious frame deformation found.

Acceptable Condition

Scuffs and scrapes are prominent with framework being repaired before.

Need Rectification

Unpleasing scuffs and detriment a bound the framework combined with substandard repair quality.

Mileage 55,000 - 60,999km
Locations Kuala Lumpur
Transmission Manual
Year 2005
Color -
Engine -
Year Register 2008
Hi guys,

With a sad and heavy heart, Im letting my baby go. If you guys are looking for a very under used (when i got the car it was 17000km, now only about 56000km) and in great condition EVO (still using the original manufacturer timing belt) , than look no further...

I have done some cosmetic and some performance upgrades to the car. This car has been solely maintained by Chong Wai Kit since the day I got it, so you know who the mechanic for this car is.

EVO IX Registered 2008
2.0 (engine untouched)
Rechipped to Ralliart Spec (remove speed limiter, retuned the A_F Ratio, increase boost by stages (max 1.5 bar))
HKS SSQV Blow-off Valve (made for EVO IX)
RALLIART 3 Meter Cluster
Shift Light (Australian Brand if not mistaken)
Blitz Air Filter
HKS Exhaust System
Ogura Dual Clutch
Fully Adjustable TEINS (Super Street) Suspension with EDFC
Carbon Fiber Front Lip, Skirting, Rear Diffuser and Spark Plug Cover
18inch ADVAN Wheels with TOYO T1R (still a lot of thread)
HKS Turbo Timer

Two issues.
1) I was robbed a few years ago, they stole the seats (front and back) and ripped the console apart as well as stole many other spare parts from the car and unfortunately my insurance screwed me over, so I couldnt buy the original SR4 Recaro Seats (at the it was ard 12k for a pair, my insurance covered 15k for the whole repairs, which wasnt enough) so I bought these SR3 instead.

2) I repainted the car to BMWs Gunmetal Grey, and because of the painters mistake the inner cover of the rear spoiler sudah terkeluar while I was driving on the highway. I was doing around 140km_h when it happened and there was no way I could pick up the pieces back. Been trying to find the replacement but unfortunately, with what little time I have these days because of work, I cannot for the life of me, hunt for the replacement.

PRICE: asking RM125K (as is) obo. If buying cash, I can nego a bit.

This is a very good condition EVO IX guys, still drives like a dream (but suspension very hard one la) takes corners like a champ and accelerates with the best of them.

Anything you can PM me straight, location Wangsa Maju and surrounding areas.

Thank you for your time and do share to your friends and family. Sad to let this baby go, but I need the money to fund my business and thats why Im letting go, if not, Id pass this down to my son. OH speaking of which, buyer must agree to allow me first right of refusal if he_she decides to sell down the road. Who knows, my son might just inherit this in the future.
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