In the latest chapter of the ?Jason Bourne? movie series, Matt Damon returns as the trained assassin for the latest showdown in ?The Bourne Ultimatum.? And starring alongside Damon and Julia Stiles, his collaborator, are two of the latest Volkswagen models to provide exciting action scenes on the streets of New York and Berlin.

Volkswagen provided a RDV (remote driving vehicle) Touareg which enabled the actor inside the car to focus on his roleplay, while a stunt driver operated the Touareg from the roof

The movie has allowed Volkswagen to continue its strong Hollywood presence and incorporate the new Touareg which is featured in some amazing stunt and chase sequences as well as a Golf GT, which is used to flee from Madrid to Tangier.

“The involvement of these two Volkswagens in this elaborate and action-packed movie provides us ample opportunities to create innovative global marketing concepts,” said Jochen Sengpiehl, head of global marketing at Volkswagen.

The Bourne stunt team was extremely impressed with the features and performance of the Touareg, most notably in a climatic chase scene set in New York. “This car is indestructible. We filmed crash scenes for three weeks, and the car kept going. This is one of the most incredible cars that I have ever driven,” marveled Graham Kelly, Action Vehicle Supervisor of the film.

In the film, the Touareg is driven by Paz, Bourne’s most tenacious pursuer (played by Edgar Ramirez). Showing off the versatility and power of the vehicle, his Touareg chases a stolen police car through the streets of Manhattan, facing obstacle after obstacle on the most unpredictable streets in the world. The final sequence will have the audience gasping in amazement and not surprisingly, Bourne still walks out his car after the explosive confrontation of vehicles.

?The Bourne Ultimatum? is currently showing in cinemas in Malaysia.

Filming the collision between the cars

The Golf was used for the Berlin scenes


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