Fans of the Toyota Supra which was last produced in 2002 have long been waiting for its return. The declining sales of Japanese sportscars through the 1990s was one of the reasons. But Toyota has not forgotten the Supra and certainly when Akio Toyoda ascended to the president’s chair, he would have pushed for it to be brought back, as he did with the 86 ‘Hachiroku‘. A collaboration with BMW set things in motion and it was known that the new Supra development would be shared with the Z4.

Next month, in Geneva, Toyota says it will unveil a modern racing concept which will signal Toyota’s commitment to bring back to the market its most iconic sportscar. Obviously that’s the Supra and to tease the public, this image has been released.

From the little that can be seen, the concept car has a large rear wing and a bulbous rear section over the cabin, more reminiscent of the last production Supra than the FT-1 concept designed by Calty and displayed in 2004.

Fourth generation of the Supra was the last generation when it was discontinued.
FT-1 concept designed by Calty, Toyota’s advanced studio in California

We’ll bring you more information about the new Supra (or the concept car) as soon as Toyota releases it.

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